What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?

What have we got to rival the Spinnaker Tower?


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Now that it looks like the Hythe ferry may go out of business my planned Southampton pub crawl based on ant’s suggestions next time I’m back in the waterside will probably have to be put on hold… .


No way, really? Sad times if true.

According to a very badly written article on the Daily Echo website…


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There is a bit of colour there, always had a blast myself, ah well.

A bit. Fucking hell Barry.

Been to far more places with a bit of character in the UK, Leith on a Friday night in the 90’s was interesting, Blackpool and Manchester as well.


Not sure if this link will work as it’s the echo again.

pubstops of Southampton map

No street where you can do a good pub crawl? I lived in Bedford Place for a few years there must have been 20 pubs in a 5 min walk. I probably drank way more than I should have back then.

I wouldn’t have gone to Liverpool if it wasn’t for mates living there. As a UK tourist I’d make the effort for Bath and maybe Edinburgh. I’ve been to Manchester, Brigton, Blackpool, Glasgow and Hartlepool for conferences but would I have made a special visit? Probably not. If I’ve been abroad to a city it’s to see some architecture and museums.

Southampton has a Jane Austen trail that should be bringing in the tourists!

Has anyone been in the Seacity museum?


Southampton’s got a Jane Austin trail ?? They’ve kept that one quite … well the news hasn’t filtered out to the forest yet anyway.

Never been to the Seacity museum … kinda resent the money they spent on the place, they could have done something for the locals with it ie. ice rink, music venue, arts centre, tower or whatever.

Have been to the Art Gallery which was ok though apparently most of their extremely valuable collection never see’s the light of day as far as the general public are concerned … which I don’t quite understand.


This massively underestimates just how big the craft beer scene now is in the UK. Whilst the beer industry continues to slump (including both mass-produced piss and more traditional fare), sales of craft products are massively up year-on-year. It’s where the money and the growth is.

There are plenty of lovely trad pubs across the South (I can even think of a few in *spits* Portsmouth), but there’s fuck all for the craft fans other than in Southampton. Plenty of people are travelling from other cities to visit some of the places I listed. Ignorance of this doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.


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Taxis are my best friend on these sort of jollies.


Bowing to your knowledge and experience, and me wanting to make the best of a day on the sauce - which ones are “must go to” and are there any which are just ok-ish and could be visited next time round?

For my money, I would start at The Butcher’s Hook (edge of Bitterne) and go from there.

The Butcher’s Hook

The South Western Arms

The Bookshop Alehouse

The Guide Dog

The Rockstone

The Dancing Man

Some of those do have a 10 minute walks between them but I’d say all are essential. Personally I quite like a stroll between places and it’s no more than 1.4 miles from The Hook to The Rockstone. I’d suggest grabbing a taxi between The Rockstone and The Dancing Man.


Sorry if I sound a bit dumb but what’s craft beer ? Is that the micro brewery beer



“Sorry if I sound a bit dumb but what’s craft beer ? Is that the micro brewery beer”

Mate, it’s the stuff you can only drink out of jam-jars alongside your organic burger and fries served on a slate or shovel, whilst sporting a chunky hipster beard and tattoos…


Its been going on for years, how many of these are actually new boozers? And how many pubs have closed down? Does this bring in the tourists? Lets think a bit bigger than a check shirt rolled up and a bloke with a beard.


oh dear



The Rockstone


The Butcher’s Hook

Sadlers Brewhouse


The Dancing Man



Brewhouse & Kitchen

The Bookshop Alehouse

Olaf’s Tun



Blues & Belgium

No boozers of worth have closed down in Southampton over this period. Absolutely none.

I don’t get the elitism (or anti-elitism? post-elitism?) regarding the craft beer scene. But frankly if people are ignorant enough to think it’s all hipsters and beards then at least it means I’m spending more time drinking and less time queueing.


11 bars not pubs have opened in the last 5 years? How many are owned by the same people? My mates run a few up here, its great and very successful and I am not knocking it per se but it wont bring tourists in as its everywhere not Southampton and they aren’t pubs they’re shops with a couple of taps and greyed walls.



“I don’t get the elitism (or anti-elitism? post-elitism?) regarding the craft beer scene. But frankly if people are ignorant enough to think it’s all hipsters and beards then at least it means I’m spending more time drinking and less time queueing.”

My earlier post was tongue in cheek - mostly…


Personally I have a lot of time for new beers / start ups, but there is a lot of tosh out there from the invariably bearded Tarquins of this world who talk the most pretentiously bull shit about how they’ve crafted their artisan beer using the tears of Amazonian Indians…

I’ll go a long way for a good beer, but I’m buggered if I’ll drink it out of a jam jar though.



Well not only will you be buggered possibly by the ladyboys, but some restaurants down here actually use what we would call jam jars as glasses and finding a table with a set all the same never happens

Bt we enjoy it :lou_lol:


Ant, I know you’re passionate about the craft beer scene, but do you think you might be over-egging its importance to the local economy? It’s pretty niche, even if it is growing. It’s not exactly a Real Ale Oktoberfest, Southampton branch, is it?

Craft beer is great, the scene is fine (if a bit pretentious from what I’ve seen of it down here), but anyone who suggests it brings in a significant number of tourists is going a bit far!


An example of what happens here.


Leisure is not just for Christmas



That is distinctly shit and has as much pulling power as a fat slag in a Hefner household. A shopping centre is going to bring tourists into the place? If thats the case then make it unique, what is unique about a nandos?


£40 for the family to watch a load of animals with lampshades on their heads??


Yes thats the Sotonian spirit CB.