What? Four D-drinks?

OK funnyfunsters, I shall be attending tomorrow, as will (probably) my ever-loving wife. Pre-match drinks look like a goer, not least as @saintbletch will be out and dressed up to the nines, and @SO5-4BW will also be in attendance.

Venue? The Unity tap room works for me.

You will NOT believe this but I was about to start this thread and I was going to use exactly the same play on words for the title. I would have used WAT FOR Drinks.

Anyway, I would also favour the Unity Tap. What time?

Tomorrow I go in search of a NEW PUB to watch the game in.
Wish me well, and pray I get past the Gluhwein & Kielbasa tent at the Christmas Market.

I thought the thread was a celebration of how many drinks @saintbeltch has managed to finish this season, still could happen I suppose it’s only November still. I will be at this match, my first in a while but I will be hob-nobbing in the executive boxes.


Tell them to get a tv in and you’ll be a day long customer.
Might work.

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Oooh, get you! Whose executive box will you be inserting yourself into?

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More like ‘secreting’ myself into rather than ‘inserting’. An orthopaedic surgeon at the spire has a box, and I can only assume he has exhausted all other guest options.


There’s no sane person left who would want to go watch Saints pay at home obviously

I will not be attending as I am at a family wedding
The entire family have relocated to Bromley this evening and are already shitfaced. According to mrs G : “fucking hell, you weren’t joking were you”. No. I wasnt. I’m the sober, quiet one. And this is just the warm up.


Are they Polish?

It sounds like it.

Many moons ago there was a family wedding between the Scottish side of the family to a Greek family. I was a bit too young for drinking but apparently it was v v v messy and bar went dry. Families eh? Yassas!

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The reports of Bletch’s attendance have been somewhat exaggerated.

I now have to go help my elderly mother get her heating and water working. Shouting at British Gas for taking £40 a month off her for a service plan they refuse to honour because her boiler is obsolete will probably be more fun than watching Watford enjoy a return to form.

Therefore @Goatboy’s ST is now available. I can deliver in the Southampton/ Winchester area. Let me know before 1pm

Shame - I was really looking forward to mercilessly mocking your chosen attire

It would probably have been the highlight of the day

Ah well, next time


Gutted to miss the pre-beers/match/post-beers. I think I would still be in the Unity Tap now - sat in a corner covered in my own piss and spilt beer.

On to my Mum’s boiler - un update for @Fatso.

It is now fixed (after a fashion). Like Saints’ defence, it now occasionally does what it’s asked to do - in this case, heat water. But at least it has stopped spilling all the inlet water onto the kitchen below. That’s good.

Argued with the British Gas man and said something to the effect of “My mum shouldn’t be paying £40 a month for emergency cover for you to then come out and say you’ll do your best to fix it but it’s obsolete”. He agreed and said “Nobody pays £40 a month for a Homecare Plan. The most expensive is twenty-odd quid a month”,

A debate followed led by my mum and supported by me which ended with my mum triumphantly showing us her bank statement where £41 was going out…to Southern Fucking Electric and NOT British Gas.

Thanks Mum!

Gasman looks smug until I reminded him that my point stands. It was a principle and if you can no longer maintain the boiler you should not take any fee to do so.

He then looks to extend the argument by agreeing with me in principle but stating that his only argument was that nobody pays £40 a month.


It was like arguing with Matt Hancock about nurse numbers.

Meanwhile mum is too scared to use the hot water from her ‘fixed’ boiler.

At least Saints won.

Thank you for sharing your story @saintbletch
I would note the following:
£40 is an insane amount to be paying.
Your mum is at fault (or, some may argue, you are at fault)
You are clearly a jinx so don’t ever go to watch saints again.

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