What do you call football where anyone can be the 'keeper

Saw this and it got me thinking.

Aussie Rules?

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Rush Goalie innit


Yeah, but as kids we played last man back or if there were only a few of us it’d by 3 goals and in.

Fuck, that’s reminded me of how much football I played as a kid. It also goes to show that practice doesn’t make perfect otherwise I would have been crowned king of football.

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Rush Goalie is that German geezer which now seems to have completely disappeared from the innernet

Rush goalie , also known as a fly goalie or fly keeper , is a variation of association football in which the role of the goalkeeper is more flexible than normal. The goalkeeper position is taken by any player who can run out of and leave his goal to actively participate in outfield play. However, when defending the player returns to his goal and takes up the role of goalkeeper once again, in rush goalie only one player can be the goalkeeper and handle the ball. Once the danger has passed, that player (the “rush goalie”) returns to normal outfield play. Rush goalie is only played in informal football matches, usually by children, and often when the players want to play a more active role in the game than the position of goalkeeper would normally allow; it can also be applied when the number of players per side is low.

A Sporting Anarchic Collective?

We always called it Scramble?


We also call it Monkey Rush when anyone can be the goalkeeper!!

Yeah, I’m with @BTripz. It’s Rush but I have called it Scramble too.

Anyone call it Nearest and in? I remember that too.

But Nearest and Dearest as was suggested on Twitter I’d never heard.


Nearest, is Last Man Back


Its not rush because you still have to nominate one player to be keeper

I recall playing “first man back” which any player closest to the goal could be keeper

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Excuse me, but the question is “what do you call…”

Well I call it rush and there is no debate about that. Rush has a nominated keeper but when he’s out anyone can go in goal.

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There is no debate that YOU call it rush. There is a great deal of debate as to whether you are correct (you’re not).

Please stop debating. I have answered the question as it was posed and therefore I am correct.

No returns.

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@BTripz, I admire your trek into the urban. In fact, I think it might have been me that invented your username.

I even have great admiration for the way you don’t use a question mark in this post.

However, to complete this particular component of the Big Bad Bob urban transformation process, you’re going to need to drop a consonant.

Init, init.

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