What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?


Sometimes, an idea seems so great in your own head that you fail to ask a simple question.

What could possibly go wrong?*

While personally injurious, psychologically, physically or cosmically, this complete lack of follow through leads to some amusing stories. The Darwin Awards are predicated on people not asking this simple question, with fatal consequences.

We don’t have to go that far. Your starter for ten is a prize winning fancy dress contestant.

A prankster sparked outrage after winning a prize at a fancy dress competition as paedophile Rolf Harris - while holding a sign which read: ‘I touch kids’.

Oliver Denton, 29, dressed up as the former Animal Hospital presenter, 87, and was wearing a waistcoat, a goatee beard and a pair of glasses.

He was stood next a white piece of paper - placed on an easel - which also included the statement: ‘I love Jimmy Savile’ and was signed by ‘R Harris’.


* I know what can go wrong here. The thread can die unloved, without reply :lou_sunglasses:


Thinking that about the Hampshire score right now…


Just to save everyone the hassle of posting on the this thread, pay a visit here:



Don’t you have to die to get a Darwin Award?

Wasn’t intending for this to be that dark, mush!


Amazing, simply amazing! Hampshire, Hampshire, hampshire… body swerving the thread!


Not strictly true Papster. Read the award for the three bikini clad rafters…

But quite a few of them are very funny & love their tagline:

Darwin Awards. Chlorinating the gene pool


This was pretty terrifying to watch last night. Took the shine of Eminem’s set. I genuinely thought I would witness someone die.



Downvoted? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Young Conservatives somewhere.

“We need a movement like Momentum! As part of that effort, let’s set up a donor site where we list the top donors!”.

What could possibly go wrong?




Arf indeed Pap



@pap in not linking properly shocker


Very good!

Your link seems to be messed up, @pap .

I would have fixed it for you, but, you know, that would be like teaching someone how to wipe their own arse…


Entirely in keeping with the topic, @btripz

It possibly went wrong.

Did you fix the quoted link, perchance? I’ve fixed mine. :lou_sunglasses:


No Herr Hitler yet? Someone needs to correct that mistake.


Ummmm, mebee :lou_eyes_to_sky:



Just realised, @pap has basically stolen this thread idea.

But, whatever.

Any way, what could possibly go wrong with this shit idea?

Four carnival-goers are being investigated by police after they ‘blacked-up to look like a Jamaican bobsleigh team’.

The four men covered themselves in black body paint and Lycra bodysuits to dress up as characters from Cool Runnings at Aberaeron Carnival in West Wales.

Before someone starts misrepresenting my posts (again), I don’t think they should be arrested. But you are either a complete twat or a complete idiot (or a combination of both) if you blackface.


You are my wife now, Dave.