What benefits does the average worker

get from the EU?
A passport to travel with? We had that before entry in to it, I mean to say we could go anywhere no bother.
Freedom of movement is a smokescreen as the vast majority of our ex pats leave this Country for the sun and take their money with them so the host Nation benefits hugely, an example of this is Majorca or the area of Calvià where Brits have invested heavily in housing, business and the community for over 40 years and in turn this is now one of the wealthiest areas in Spain.
The next thing is being allowed to work, we have always been allowed to work in Europe and its not any different now to how it was in the 70’s, a Nation will always want skilled workers so I don’t see where the issue is there either.
So my conclusion is its really a cheap labour effort from the old Eastern Blocks for big business and this in turn hammers, undercuts and disrupts rights, conditions and wages the workers enjoys in their respective Nation, this isn’t progressive at all as who ends up playing for this vanity project?
The working person.

I would say that the benefits for the workers are considerably less for those that are doing the employing. The wider marketplace not only puts pressure on wages and jobs, but I reckon it probably affects the breadth of apprenticeships. Why train someone when there is someone raring to go, skilled up and thankful of the opportunity to get paying work in the UK?

After the way Greece was treated, people should be under no illusions as to where the EU’s priorities lie.

It’s a con, when we get down to it only big business enjoys the benefits, why don’t the bastards pay their fair share of taxes first, the European Union is a cross party stitch up of the worker and only the parties of the fringes of the elctorate can see this, fair play to TUSC and fair play to UKIP.