🎵 What are you listening to etc

:musical_note: What are you listening to etc


I bought the vinyl on Friday 27th Jan 1989. Rushed home after work. Taped it and played it in my car all the way to Milton Keynes to see the missus, who was working there. Played the tape and vinyl all weekend.

We split later that year.

I love that record.


This is curious and engaging.


Didn’t get into that, but you’ve introduced me to Park Jiha(musical chain) and she’s amazingly talented.
This one for the general disconnect with nature.

This because… I just like it.

And this because it shows the simple brilliance.

That’s the second time i’ve you’ve put something up that has got me listening to music i would normally dismiss. Cheers :blush:


Forgotten how a good an album this was



Never get tired of listening to this


Poebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst




Listening to Radcliffe and Maconie on 6 music at the moment…waiting for one of my music heroes who will be chatting with them at 9 'o clock…Paddy McAloon. Always well worth a listen. :lou_lol:


Always hear them on listen again. Currently half way into last Sunday’s episode.

Great to have Mark back.


Yes it’s good to have Mark back. I’m loving the even more eclectic mix of the new weekend shows. :smile:


Early into Sunday’s program comes one of Paddy McAloon’s choices from his favourite album…

One of the most perfect of songs, lyrically, musically…a thing of stunning beauty.
Magically it makes me cry every time I hear it.


Problem with being an old fucker is that you never have time to keep up with stuff… I always thought i would be cool as fuck John Peel type as I aged yet stayed youthful by being exposed to stuff…

This lyrically is OK, but love the guitar repeat and build… gets a quite like overall even if O am about a scullion years behind the times






As I said elsewhere- boring Tuesday night