:pl: :westhamfc: West Ham v Southampton :saintsfc: (Live on :sky_logo: One)

:westhamfc: v :saintsfc:

  • Let the season please be over
  • meh
  • I have no more cares to give.

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3 points needed to seal another European adventure… COYRs!

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This posts aged well…

FWIW I don’t see us getting anything at West Ham, we never do, especially with them chasing a Europa League spot.


They only need a point to qualify so maybe they’ll be charitable.

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Quite torn on this - on the one hand I hate West Ham and despise their fans so don’t want them to get Europa League.

On the other hand, it will totally fuck up their season next year.

Sophie’s choice…

P.s. bit of trivia I found out the other day - West Ham didn’t even come up with the blowing bubbles chant - they nicked it off Swansea in the 1920s after they played each other. Typical thieving Cockney bastards.


Pressure all on them… opportunity for us to play our free flowing high-paced pressing and breaking put the pornbrokers to the sword!

Fixed it for you.


Or… we do what we’ve done for the past 3 seasons and fold like a cheap deckchair in the first half and go in 3 down. The only difference being that I won’t be be leaving the ground at that stage. Just changing channels.


Cynical challenge that … I think the site has been infected by a virus SANCHEZ-19 :wink:

Surely Sanchez-21…

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I may be very lucky.
This is move out weekend.
Family are redoing (at last) the shower & fitting an earring circuit and fixing Communist era crumbling walls & floors.
Being put up with down the road for the month it will take.
Hopefully I’ll be shuttling stuff back & forth and wont have any internet access at all.
IF the Gods hate me, they’ll make sure i have WiFi & beer & anti-depressants to watch us stuff it up as usual

Being positive hopefully Danny picks up a twinge to put off the suitors

Poll added to OP, I think it fairly reflects the forum’s mood towards this game…

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Indeed please let the season be over so that we can sit back and enjoy weeks and months of Ings and Vestergaard rumours instead! :smirk:


Vestergaard can be relied on to play a blinder. He’s such an obvious West Ham type of signing that he might as well have a price tag where his shirt number goes.


Plan B

The game is on Sky, right?

Redmond :sob:

Sky One apparently, so FTA

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Was going to buy a day pass but programme guide doesn’t mention it - though ads say it is on