West Ham food and beers

West Ham food and beers


With another successful Sotonians adventure in the bag, we turn to Saturday, and the five thirty kick off.

We getting food and beers? If so, where? Small poll on timing above.

    1. 1pm, as per, extra drinking time
    1. Make it 3pm. I want a lie in you bastard.

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Food and beers, eh? You’ve gone all posh. I will, of course, be going to the game, and I’ll be up for a drink or two beforehand but not afterwards. I’m happy with the Rockstone for pre-match libations; kick-off is 5:30pm so how about 4pm? Them as wants to be earlier (that’ll be you, Goatster) can always be earlier.

The mighty Bletch is threatening to put in an appearance at the match, not sure about pre-match though.


Rockstone sounds good to me. I’ll be there from midday :lou_lol:




Been completely screwed over by the change of date. Next time, big style.


I am dragging my brother along. Not sure of our plans yet, but will be aiming to make the Rockstone for 4ish.


Fucking hell you are including food now. It will be post orgie breakfast before the end of the season.


Yeah, the food thing really hit with the Stable. Plus, we’re trying to keep Turkish happy. It gives us better things to do in the stadium than buy food, eat it and moan about it. Allows us to keep the cakeholes free of food for 90 minutes, etc.


Cheers for explaining the benefits of ‘lunch’. This time next week Pap will review ‘dinner’ or ‘tea’ for northerners.


I can happily announce that we have discounted beer rates at a Southampton snooker hall, should we ever elect to choose it.

I’m not super happy with the terms or the wording of the arrangement.

“Tell your brother to bring all his cronies down after the game and I’ll sort them out with cheap drinks”

I’m hoping to get that changed so that anyone rocking a Sotonians badge gets a discount. I also need to establish whether “cheap drinks” means “normal drinks sold at cheaper prices” or “Capri Sun”.

I will keep you updated.


I’m gonna look a right twat trying to get my cue through the Itchen South turnstiles.


Just a few steps away from a Travelodge pyjama party.


I believe they provide for the cueless clueless. Nevertheless, house cues are pretty crappy. I’ll shall enquire as to elite queues for the Sotonians elite.

You could always leave your cue there.


www.snookecuestoragewhengoingtostmarys.com will sort you right out. I had a quick look at their secure local easily accessible facility


I see the bastards have found a niche in the market and cornered it.

Why can’t it be me? Why can’t it be me? :lou_lol:


Show your sotonian badge :laughing:


Plans confirmed, I will be rocking up to the Rockstone at 3.45-4.00


Are you going to book a table?


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Originally posted by @Bucks

Plans confirmed, I will be rocking up to the Rockstone at 3.45-4.00

Are you going to book a table?

Thought you wanted to be there at midday? :lou_wink:

Booked one at 3.30/3.45 - name Rich.


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Show your sotonian badge :laughing:

Do you have a Sotonians badge yet, sir?