West Ham Beers


Bookshop Alehouse for a change?


Beers will be consumed. One of our crew started at 8am local time (10 hours before the game). Our Singapore branch are already in the pub.

And in case anyone is that end of town, Eric is on his way to the Guide Dog already.

I’m hoping Mrs D_P will let me out in time to catch the early game as well as Saints


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The Philippines has been on it for days

get with the program @dubai_phil


YEah, I may have mentioned buggered knee in the Glasto build up. So unfortunately IF I am gonna be wearing a Saints Shirt on course at next years Ryder Cup again, Doc told me I had to get the weight down. Wasn’t “overweight” thanks to being a 6 footer, but Beer is only allowed once a week in the diet.

So 90 minutes to go!!


Goaters, don’'t forget to slow down a bit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




I’ll be in The Cricketers around 1.45 (OAP Sitter permitting) if you can stagger up that far.


Hard to read this when driving. May be the same for others / lack of signal on train


What did you decide GB??


I’m in the bookshop.


Happy to go wherever if easier for anyone.


There’s my epitaph.

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Will head for bookshop, be there in 15




At least you’re in a pub. I’m working. Working is probably overstating it. I’m at work would be more accurate.


That’ll learn you for selling out :lou_wink:


The missus is working, I’m looking after the kids.

I want beer and football


Saints are at home.

You won’t miss any football


Harsh @dubai_phil , very harsh

But fair


Woosh :cool: