Were there fans in the dugout trying to get to Pellegrino?

Were there fans in the dugout trying to get to Pellegrino?


Any truth in the rumours?


Someone got a 3 year banning order for throwing their season ticket at him.


lol schoolboy error. Throw something that doesn’t have your name on it!


A 3 year ban for voicing a valid opinion, does he think its all rosy, the worst manager in our history and he expects happiness? Deluded bellend, Reed isn’t doing his job in sacking him, they sacked Puel for less, which in turn means Kruegar isn’t doing his job, the club is rotten to the core.


Or your DNA :lou_wink_2:


Being relegated wouldn’t bother in slightest, playing in a better environment, better atmospheres and less day trippers wanting to see the big teams but the absolute shambolic nature of the relegation would drive me to madness, all that money, all those self congraulatory videos of how far we’ve come on our journey, '#wemarchon, Led Reed saying he knows what he is doing, Kruegar sitting in an office saying things like he knows football, the Lander Group, all that egg on their faces.

Embarrassing and totally needless, buy good players, have a good manager, stop saying how good you are and get on with the job.


He may have presented his opinion in less than gracious terms. I don’t know for sure and am speculating, but as emotions were running high on Wednesday, a phrase along the lines of “…and you can poke my season ticket up your arse, you useless cunt” maybe seen by some to detract slightly from the point.


Ugh. That’s the problem right there! No PASSION! No FIGHT! No AMBITION! Fkn modern football “fans” or should i say “consumers” make me sick fkn prawn sandwich oh did we lose, never mind, hope the M3 is clear. Embarrassing!


The season ticket can be placed there.

He is our worst manager in history,

Brusque and to the point but not wrong nor misplaced, I applaud the guy, passion, we don’t have any as a team at least the fans put down the plastic flags for a second and show some.


Steve Wigley was worse so was Stuart Gray. Dodd & Gorman were very bad too. It wasn’t exactly exciting under Dave Jones either.

Branfoot was an arrogant cnut who thought he was above the fans. He also actively encouraged the ‘style’ of play that was the worst I’ve ever seen. Whilst pellegrino in my humble opinion shouldn’t be here in the first place he’s nowhere near our worst ever manager.


Given that you never go to any games, why exactly would this bother you?


You’ve answered your question with that highlight bit hun xx


Stuart Gray had a better win ratio and Dodd/Gorman as bad as they were were only in charge for 6 games, your grasping at straws, this guy is fucking woeful and if he were a dog he’d be put down, the equivalent of a sacking. Branfoot was also terrible but it was an era of us having no money at all, nothing zilch, we were always skint back then.


What if @barry-sanchez , and stick with me here, what if MoPe was a tactical genius and his way of thinking is going to be the defacto way in a couple of years time?

What is MoPe isn’t the problem? What if it’s the player’s that are?

Please don’t rant back at me, please give me some sort of cohesive counter argument.

His methods did work in La Liga you can’t argue about that…


Isn’t that the same length of time as MoPe’s contract? Sure this banning order wasn’t a reward or a prize of some sort? Look lads we know you are pissed off but to make up for it we will give you the perfect excuse to stay in the warm and miss shit Wednesday nights like this…


The obvious one it as bad as Puel is he did far better than this, what did he do so good for Alaves, his methods were acceptable but its a different League, its rather obvious they don’t work isn’t it?

Kruegar is the problem for not whipping Reed.

Reed is the problem for not whipping Pellegrino

Pellegrino is the problem for not whipping the team.

The Chinese are the problem for wanting to be silnent owners and just sit back and collect the tv money etc, we still don’t know their goals or apsirations.

Its a terrible situation and the only one smiling is Big Kat.


I agree. We really need to know what the Chinese apsirations are. It would also help if we knew what an apsiration was.

And Barry, what happened to you sticking to one thread? There is no need to start a new thread for any slight change in post. Not that they even change very much.


Aspirnation is the headache you give the whole nation when you post you velvet quilt.




It was the most concise and lateral decision made in the Southampton dugout this season.