Welcome to the Soviet

Welcome to the Soviet


My only regret is not getting more down votes.


Cause you have been a dick. Only pussies like dicks. Stop being a dick and things might change. As you have said, this is a group about meeting up, nice to meet your kids (or comical name for your kids) and then some back-slapping. As I said, forum is just for a laugh. Fatso is funny and here for a laugh. That’s more or less it. Otherwise, it’s the lounge. GB - you want it so much, have it. You are who he would have wanted, not me or the missing 25%.


Want what?
edit: ah I see. Nah, you’re good tokes. I was merely commenting on bletch saying:

"To that end, @TheSoviet members are automatically given trust level 3 status which means they can carry out a bunch of moderation duties on the site.

I’m sure @TheSoviet will deliver for the users and in doing so potentially get re-elected."


The new election, become a soviet, top paptrooper, Papylo Ren, whatever you like.


Ahhm, awkward.

@Goatboy in one of @TheOwners and a moderator and has (whisper it) trust level 4 superpowers.

Question to the forum - should we rename @TheOwners to be @ TheBosses? That has a better ring to it. Now get back to work. I SAID GET BACK TO WORK, SCUM!


PS members of @TheSoviet can select Soviet Member as their title.



Ah, The real soviet, without the hassle of an election. The Soviet/owners dynamic is pretty much 4 old drinking buddies pretending a couple of others have any influence on where their next pint will be. e.g should the appointment of a new mod be a matter the soviet where consulted on?

If you want to carry on the pretence boys, I will play along. If not, fine too. Give it up. Stop the farce. :slight_smile:


I have known bletch, pap and rallyboy for approx 3 years. Excluding match days we have been out approximately twice. but you keep going tokes. it’s fun.


I keep calling Goat asking if he wants to go out for a beer, but we’ve only been out twice in the 3 years I’ve known him.


I’ve told you, I’m happy to go out but I’m not wearing the dress.


It’s a good question re the appointment of @BTripz as the new mod.

He was the only person who took an active interest in helping to develop and test the new forum software for me and I needed to lean on someone that knew the s/w.

I apologise if you felt left out but it was simple expedience as I’d committed to getting the migration done last w/e.

To be honest, @Goatboy and @Rallyboy weren’t consulted either.

I apologise to them too. (They can be a bit precious about those sort of things)



Excluding match days. :grinning:

“We have never met on a Thursday. What the fuck are you taking about?”


Your suggestion that we were old drinking buddies? Anyway, it’s a really shit convo. You’ve been moaning that the soviet has no real powers. Now you have some powers you’re moaning about what exactly?


The forum owner’s poor grammar. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just kidding pap trooper. As you were.


resistance is futile