Welcome to Sotonians.com


I want to wlecome you all to this new website I’ve started up, it’ll be £5 soon enough but we’ll discuss that later on, so let’s kick back and enjoy discussion, debate and anything else.

Love Barry xxxx


Dick :laughing:

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Are you really from Liverpool? Can we arrange another Liverpool quiz between you and Pap?

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Are you from Tokyo Tokyo or Swaythling?

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You still a wind up penis living off your bird’s money? I hope so, this place needs a good troll like you.


Look, the “is Barry in Liverpool” thing has been thoroughly settled. The outcome was me getting hammered through forum judo, remember?


Yeah but it’s like the who playing my generation, unlike them it never get’s old.

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Is Glasgow on here, good lad him, always a laugh and original, not like my style but all the same quite good.


He has a login but haven’t seen him post.