Welcome Big Moderator Bob

Welcome Big Moderator Bob


FYI please put your hands, um, in your pockets, for @BTripz who has stupidly put his hand in the air to become a moderator on the new forum.

May your fuck-ups be little ones.


And so it begins…


Oh dear, @saintbletch a word off line please :thinking:


Winter is coming…


I am the Snow King astride my ice dragon


Glad that @saintbletch has finally agreed to my suggestion that Bob be made mod. He was a tough nut to crack. Everytime the topic was broached in the South Western, Bletch would remove a shoe, then a sock, before hopping over to the pool table to fill said sock with acrylic pool balls.

He’d then say “who’s this fucklord, Bob? I’m the Daddy around here. He’s naaafffink”.

Positive changes all around, I’d say.


I will be able to get away with everything… I know his cycling stats… whoohahahhah :smiling_imp: