Weird Facts

Weird Facts


Apparently 2018 marks the year when all (legally recognised) adults were born in the last century and all kids in this one…

Don’t think it applies until the end of 2018 as there was no year Zero (ignore Cambodia pedants)


I think that was just the 31st December 2017!


Change the title to weird Facts and we can continue the thread or press the green solved tricky thing :lou_lol:


Consider this Yorkshire Puddings are only pancakes in a bowl :lou_surprised:


Updated for you @philippinesaint

Fill yer boots…


Apparantly furtling means to rumage in someones underpants to rearrange their cock and balls


… It could become quite an imaginative and useful addition to ones vocab…

As an insult: ‘Furtle off’’ - Best get away young man before I rearrange your cock and balls in a perculiar manner’’

As an amourous advance: Come here my sweet, let me furtle you’’ - As mrs SOG may well have sait to SOG on NYE - Let me rearrange your cock in and balls in an adventuous manner

As a moment of concern; ‘I feel a bit furtled’ - ‘I feel like someone has reaaranged my cock and balls in an unconventional manner’’

As an existenialist POV: ‘I furtle, because I can’’ - Its my cock and balls so I can rearranage them as I please to let me know I am still alive



“…excuse me your grace while I furtle. My scrottocks are giving my right gyp today…”


The buzzard is called Buteo Buteo. Althought not related the hobby is called Sub Buteo and that is where Peter A Adolph got the name for the table top football games name from.


It is always beer o’clock



I prefer these definitions for _ furtle _. (From here.)

I have a favourite, which one is yours?


I like the last two but anything that ties Christina Aguilera to furtling has to be a winner.


You can imagine furtling Christina Aguilara?

and I thought I was sick and sad


Although to be fair nobody has actually explained what Furtling is so it may be a pleasant thing to do with an aunt on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

But I am not sure it is.


Are you a penis furtler or a tongue furtler @cellone ?

Or does that change based on the celebrity whose pictures you’re furtling?


Poor @saintbletch , very poor. Others make an effort. They take time to craft responses based on their wit and intellect. You, on the other hand, take the short cut and go for the cheap-cut-and-paste comedy in your desparate attempt to canvas some vote ups… hang your head in shame and Furtle off, you old furtler


It sort of means rummage.


…therefore if furtling with your aunt on a sunny Sunday afternoon, context will be everything


It depends @saintbletch if they’re classy like Alice Roberts or Helen Mirren then I would start with the tongue and progress from there.