Weekend's other scores - 13th-15th January 2018

Almost half time across the country

live 45+1’
0 - 0
Leicester City

live 45’
Crystal Palace
1 - 0

live 45+1’
Huddersfield Town
1 - 1
West Ham United

live 45+1’
Newcastle United
0 - 0
Swansea City

live 45’
0 - 2

live 45’
West Bromwich Albion
1 - 0
Brighton & Hove Albion

I see that Bakary Sako is scaring the life out of the Burnley defence! This is the same Sako that came on against us and changed the game.

Crystal Palace’s Mane??

After being shit for most of the game, arsenal have done us a favour by scoring against Bournemouth. Let’s hope it stays that way. If you look at the team arsenal have out today it’s difficult to believe they’re meant to be one of the top clubs. Bar bellerin (who scored), I don’t think any of this team would get into another top 6 team.

Ah bugger…1-1

Fuck me. Bournemouth winning 2-1. They now move above us and if stoke win then we’re in the relegating zone.

Fuckin gutless Arse capitulate… 2 - 1 to Bompey.

I see they have some backbone, character and heart, for the last 20 odd years we’ve been a fucking hairdresser side, we want some scrappers in the middle not some fancy dan who is actually shite when it comes down to it.

You mis-read the game again…Arsenal have been shit all game and even when in the ascendancy half their team looked disinterested. It’s taken Bournemouth most of the game to realise it.

Lol. Fancy dan :lou_smiley:

Arsenal are shit, its not just this game, Arsenal are fucking wank and people want cast offs from wank like Walcott? Fuck me we’re shit but we’re not that bad.

Liverpool beating man city with a rather surprising OX goal. No VVD as he’s apparently gone on strike angling for a move to Barcelona.


Liverpool 4 Citeh 2. Just as well you don’t support Citeh eh Barry?

Finished 4-3 with Citeh missing a glorious chance of an equaliser at the death. Irritating.