Weekend other games 4th/5th Nov - will there be fireworks

Weekend other games 4th/5th Nov - will there be fireworks


We have the FA Cup 1st round as well. Skates have a tough trip to Luton, but Luton want promotion more.

Currently Stoke 1-1 Leicester PUEL OUT! Well they were winning, idiot!


Other exciting premier league games today.

Udders v WBA

Castle v Cherries

Swans v Seagulls

Hammers v Pool

oh and Carlisle, where I am off to for some proper football are at home to the mighty Oldham!



One home 1-0 and 3 away 1-0’s


Absolutly smashing game at Carlisle with around 25 shots and 5 goals, in a 3-2 win for Carlisle.

See the skates opted out.

Premier Leagzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Yep, Pelligreno spent 90 minutes trying to light a damp squib and failed miserably.


Until tomorrows games, mainly Man City. Other teams just seem frightened to lose or clueless. Burnley are boring, but have tactics to make sure they stay in the premier league, which it is all about for many. To frightened to entertain as they might lose.


Hammers getting hammered by the Bin Dippers at the Public Amenity Stadium. Every player lining up to have a dip at the Hammer’s bin.

1 - 4 they’re so confident of a win they’ve even bought on Lovren as a substitute. :lou_surprised:


The irony of that is we’re the same but shitter.


This could be a giggle. Spurs have got Gazza in goal today.


Beat me to it.

We also just know he’ gonna have a worldy


I don’ think we’re shitter Baz I think not clinical because we have so little experience or leaders in the team these days no point being Burnley if you can’ take the one chance & they’e been doing that all season


Wow there’s a shock. Gazza has a great debut for Spurs and made SAVES.

Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 Crystal Palace - http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41792810

Nobody saw that coming