Wee Gordon Silly?


Former Saints manager, so deserving of its own thread. WGS basically equating the sort of abuse black players get with the sort that Adam Johnson might get.

I’ll save my opinions for now. Has Gordon been a silly boy?

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I’ll defer just in case I catch any of WGS’ “imprecise use of language”.



Yep, sex offenders often get a bad press. Hard to believe ain’t it.



And yet Carragher, who spat in a child’s face, had a short suspension from Sky and is now back on spouting his boring pro LFC bullshit as if nothing had happened. Go figure!



Total foot in the mouth by WGS.
BUT I do understand the point he was trying to make about fans being abused by spectators but boy did his brain fail him in the way it came out.
Just means he’ll spend more time commuting in Business Class to Qatar to appear with the other 2 dinosaurs of the indiscreet- Keys & Gray on BeIn Sports

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Don’t think it really matters anyway, you need an interpreter to understand anything he fucking says. I don’t think iv’e ever heard such a broad Jock accent.

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To be fair to Carragher, I think he was aiming at her dad. Even so, it’s a fairly contemptuous act, even if aimed at an adult. Everyone turns a blind eye to a discreet winter flob on a bush. Purposefully spitting in someone’s face? I think most people in the world would feel that is fairly uncivilised.

I think Gordon was silly, but I’m having difficulty working out how much of that is intent and how much of that is the verbal diarrhoea of pundits.

Whichever, the words are out, and they gave the impression of someone that believes that being abused for the colour of your skin (not a choice) or being abused for the things you have done as an adult (very much a choice) is a pretty similar experience.

I’m sure that WGS was very much making his comments from the perspective of a footballer, on the pitch, abuse is abuse, no matter the reason.

What he forgets is that the abuse isn’t confined to the stadium, and that being on the sex offenders list and not being white are two very different things.