We'd be stupid not to but our board?

We'd be stupid not to but our board?


This is the sort of player we need to go for, always said it, known quality.


What someone not good enough or determined enough to force their way into chelski’s first team?

Ok, agree with you if you really and honestly think we don’t have a squad that can do any better or can improve with a bit of confidence.


Cahill would improve our defence no end, there is nothing more to it than that.

We’re shite and he improves the team, go out and get him if it enhances our chances of staying in the League?
How much is Kruegar on, if he is that determined for the club let him give Cahill some of his pay…



Get him on a fortnight loan and take it from there.

Do you want to call Ralph or shall I?



Is it?
Help with organisation/positioning maybe, but he’s slow and we have an abundance of slow in defence.
How old is he. 32+?


32, another 3/4 years at least in the top flight.
Our moneyball system of buying young, then selling later is shot to shit as we’ve signed shit and they’re shot.


So we need to buy old and looking for a payday until retirement?

Thats what happened when we got Dixon and Hughes for the first time

How did that go?


We’d stay in the League so not too bad.


We will always be in the league its the division that changes


Yes and that old policy of buying known quality didn’t fail did it? The moneyball one we have isn’t working is it?

Would you buy any of our shite?


Two of the three Goalkeepers would make money.
Bertrand and Cedric will still make money if sold.
Thats about it.


Might get a few quid for this one.
From Craig Cathcart to André Gomes: 10 underrated Premier League players


So its failed, or failing then?


It may be I dont really know and dont really care.

I dont know why you support Southampton.

But I do it because I was born there and apart from Blackfield & Langley and Fawley Falcons it was the Club locally to support.

Fuck what the board or owners do I dont care it is the team I support.

I know you will come back with but they are fucking the team.

I dont care its a football team for godsake who in the big scheme of things gives a shit

It is a release from the normal pressure of everyday life to go and shout for 11 people on a pitch

So Please stop with the “we are doomed and everybody is shite”

It is becoming very boring.


Thats another “I took one for the team” badge for me @saintbletch


Bollocks to that is my reply.
If its broken fix it, they expect passion and serve up shite, they can get to fuck.


Which is a fine answer so go and watch (support) a sport you do like


If only the Chairman had realised something was wrong and sent in a team of his own people to undertake a complete review of the problem with the club.
Oh, wait.


I’d be very happy with Cahill here. Would offer some stability in defence against the PL average teams that we will need to beat to stay up. We’d still get battered by the big 6 but that’s not a problem as we shouldn’t be expecting to get anything against them anyway.


No No No,

We should expect to get 3 points at every game we play

The fact we dont is because its football and not the directors / owners / CEO’s fault.