We built this Citeh on Rock n Roll

Well, as they say in the classics, save the best for last and I may as well have a crack at starting a match thread for once in my life!

Do we go for the W or go for damage limitation and stay up on goal difference?

Once again, no prediction from me and remind me Sunday to bust out the now infamous beanie/scarf duo that is two from two :lou_lol:


One turn up for the books is that I’ve just remembered I’ve still got to collect my winnings from the Stoke game. Keep bloody forgetting it’s in my wallet. Happy days.

Can I be as bold as suggesting 2-1 with Gabbi and Charlie on the score sheet after a nervy first 45 mins where we look like we’re on the beach.

COYR :soccer::checkered_flag:


5-1 saints


Fuck it, I’m feeling magmanimous and I have a new lucky shirt that I will be wearing, as @ozsaintdave 's beanie/scarf combination it is currently 2 for 2.

2-1 to the Saints after going 1 down.


City will hammer Brighton to get the all records they need so will already be halfway to the Maldives for there holidays

3-1 Saints as we will be playing with virtually no pressure for the first time in months.

It will be free flowing tippa tappa Barcelonesque football and the commentaters will be raving about all the players we can sell to the top six in the summer.


Whoa, you bet on a boring, dull 0-0 draw for the Stoke game??

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Just. Don’t. Fuck. It. Up.


Back to the real thread and not the fake news one that @dubai_phil created

Southampton v Man City Southampton v Man City

**Lawro’s prediction: ** 0-2

**Tracey’s prediction: ** 2-1 Phil Nevilles sister.

Southampton v Man City

I am expecting City to win, but not by enough goals to send Saints down.

Pep Guardiola’s side have broken the records for most points, most goals and most wins in a Premier League season, but he wants the champions to reach 100 points too.

Odds on a Saints win predicted there. :lou_lol:


Where’s the merging Modboys when you need them.

Not typing all that bollocks again



This is the official match day thread, right?

Sadly won’t be at the game but will be peeking out at the TV from the safety of behind the sofa.

Give us a wave if you are at the game.

Standard prediction 2:1 to Saints

1-1 to Saints, Redmond will repay Pep’s faith in him by scoring a late equaliser, rendering Swansea’s 9-0 victory over Stoke moot.


Stuck £50 on us to be relgated at 100-1… so we wont fuck it up. I have never won a football bet in 3o years of being old enough to do so. If I do win 5k… cool

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Bollocks thought that I’d posted on the right one.

As i recall from a few months ago Bazza had a wager that Saints would be relegated and the mighty Skates would be promoted. There is a God after all!


The BBC are confusing me I thought we were at Home

The only glimmer of hope for the Swans is that they face relegated Stoke at home, while Southampton travel to Manchester City , who have scored a record 105 goals this season.

It is a shocking piece of journalism. Total Fake news as the Middle East/Salisbury Threads would love to show -

Swansea or Southampton will fill the final relegation place, with it likely to be the Swans, who are three points and 11 goals worse off than the Saints.

To put you in the mood

Found by #global saintsfc

For today’s game, wouldn’t it be great to be lucky for the first time since before the EFL Cup Final last year?

Watching the highlights, it could be argued that we were lucky Gabbi was in the right place last Tuesday when the rebound fell to him, but it seems we had more than our share of bad decisions and bouncing away from Lemina for example.

Just to see a keeper save a shot and it rebound into the net from a Citeh defender, I’d settle for that - not being greedy and asking for a full on Gareth Barry or anything…

Think the support might be a bit flakey this afternoon

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On the way to the game, hoping for free chocolate to start it all off right!! Thanks for the heads up Phil.

I think it’ll be a day of mixed emotions today, reckon it’ll be a close game and cant help but feel itll be another “somewhat disappointed with the result” type game (thinking more Everton game than Chelsea comeback here though!). However we will still be celebrating that we are still in the premier league. I fancy Stoke to knick something from Swansea today.