We Are The Least Annoying Fans

I nicked this from sweb so take no credit.

Top 20 of most annoying fan’s in the league.


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That was one of the most patronising backhanded compliments I’ve ever seen

But I’ll take it.

We are top of the league, say we are top of the league

Bottom of that particular league surely @saintbletch ?

Bletch knows bottom is best.


Liverpool’s online following is huge, entitled and largely delusional. According to internet Reds, their side are either Champions League winners or League One-standard rubbish – depending entirely on last weekend’s result.


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Nope, we’re the most least annoying therefore we are top of the league.

Now, while I’m here dishing out annoying pedantry, I’ll also point out that @fowllyd will soon be here to point out that Fan’s in the title of the thread is unlikely to need that apostrophe.

His grammar Nazism makes him one of our most annoying fan’s.


Thanks for the warning. I shall attend to it immediately.

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We are easily one of the most polite middle class top flight clubs around, Brighton and Bournemouth challenge us for that, they also have a crap atmosphere in their stadiums.

Despite the addition of Lynne Truss’s sterling work on the subject I still fell foul of Percy Pedant yesterday. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

You’re a little ray of sunshine @barry-sanchez


Do you ever think that you are supporting the wrong team?

What an interesting definition of the term ‘supporting’.

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Yes just trawled the online Thesaurus for suitable synomyms that would “support” Bazza’s demeanour…none exist.

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