We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find

We are now live - Please PM me with any issues you find



You’ve worn me down, I submit, I’m tapping out, you win!!



Just been given a reader badge co apparently I have read a long thread. Quick question, how has @Optimus-trousers managed to get this badge??? :lou_surprised:


Is there anyway of reordering the emojis so @Coxford_lou ones are at the top.


Putting your fantasies about having @Coxford_lou on top aside, there is another way.

Instead of selecting the emoji from the long list, start to type a : (colon) and then type to describe the emoji.

If you want Lou’s penis emoji, type the : followed by lou and you’ll start with Lou’s penis imaginings.


You are being to sound like my IT department, all they give me are work arounds as well.

I just tried to put a winky cock after that sentence, but your method only gives you the first five Lou cocks. You then need to remember what each cock is called to get what you want.


Fuck you!

Ever been told that by your it department?



Regularly. They are a mardy bunch.


If you regularly use Lou’s emojis you’ll find they will be repeated at the top of the emoji selection under “Recently Used”
I always use them in some misguided sense of loyalty for someone who has heartlessly cast us aside, like last week’s soiled underwear. :lou_sad:


We apologise for the delayed response but we have now reported this as a bug to Discourse.

We will update you on the status when we know more.

We are here to serve.


This is now apparently fixed as discussed here.

I can implement fixes like this if they’re causing a lot of grief but at the moment we’ll just wait until Discourse’s next release.

SUBTEXT: I don’t really care about your problem or wellbeing @Fatso.


It’s taken so long that i can’t even remember what the problem was. Terrible service.


The issue about videos not going full screen if they are inside a Discourse Onebox should now be fixed.

The odd issue in Chrome where you couldn’t press buttons has been fixed by Google - although you’ll need to waiy until version 68 makes it’s way to your device.

:tories: Tories in trouble?