We always get shit refs

According to this piece of analysis, Arsenal would have won the league and Saints would be sitting in a CL berth had all refereeing decisions been made properly.




I did my own analysis a couple of years back (saddo) and it’s surprising how many glaring errors are made and how often they go the same way.

Chelsea were regular beneficiaries back then, Leicester did quite nicely this year, as did Liverpool.

The early game that stood out this season was when Liverpool scored when offside and Bournemouth had a perfectly good goal ruled out.

Six point swings make quite a difference.

And forget your swings and roundabouts, it never evens out.

Yes, human error is part of the game, but let’s not pretend it’s all fair in the end - look at Newcastle in that table.

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I’m not sure what the answer is. There must have always been shit decisions in football and I can remember them going back to the late 80’s.

I think it is because the game has changed so much over the years, not only the fitter player, but the speed of the game and what seems to be more diving. You have to remember going back many years the players used to kick lumps out of each other and you had to cause GBH to give away a free kick and penalty.

Ok the referees have to be fitter, but the game is so much faster, I really do not think they have much hope. Also with the media coverage, looking at every decision from every angle, they are under the microscope. They used to just referee a game and then go home. Sometimes not even on MOTD, or match of the day as it used to be called.

I honestly do not think the referee can win and according to that table, then Leicester were ‘helped’ by referee decisions, now that is a turn up, or could it be because of the way they attack at such pace and the slightest touch and they player is over.

I think to a certain level we need to just get on with it as being part of the game. Players make mistakes, managers make mistakes, human beings make mistakes and of course the evil referee makes mistakes.

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that analysis is bullshit + flawed logic imo, but pretty funny all the same.

I think it’s amazing how much the ref bros get right tbh. Offsides particularly. Number of times I’ve called it wrong from stands or watching tv and then you see replay later and ur like, oh.

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What price human error ? Sentimentality would suggest that its an important part of the game. however a champions league spot attracts collosal money, keep your best player and recruit better that sustains the club going forward.

Proof that it doesn’t ‘balance out’ after all

RK wasn’t happy with this fella.

Come straight from his main job in a call centre


Human error is one thing but inconsistent judgement is another.

As is missing stuff in front of your face, or not sending someone off because of who they are.

It runs deeper than human error.


A cynic may suggest there is some other motivation

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Don’t invite Pap to launch a conspiracy!

He’s way too busy on other threads - what with all that being rabid_,_ hating his own country, and wearing sandals.

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Yes, that refs wanted Newcastle relegated and for Leicester to win the league. It’s always the same. Not sure how we can compete against a ref backed Leicester.

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I was thinking more ££££ to be honest

Agreed, those fucking refs try and make out they don’t do it for the money but you try and get them to work on a Saturday. That’s the real reason for the increasing number of weekday games. Not really the refs fault, they’ve been manipulated by the referee’s Union.


Social media unleashes thousands of unqualified opinions about football every week, many of which show a basic lack of knowledge about the laws of the game. I see this week in week out from players who do not even know some of the laws of the game. I think all players, managers, coaches and commentators (the worse) should have to take a referee course, to learn the laws of the game. You really would be amazed. Fans well they are the worse of all! They just want blood for EVERY decision against their team.

There are too many decisions which take three or four slow-motion replays before a TV pundit can reach a conclusion, with a recent example in the Man U v Everton cup semi. Everton were correctly given a penalty for Timothy Fos-Mensah’s tackle on Ross Barclay but opinion was divided even after the footage had been pored over. So referees are now likely to support the recent proposal that from next season, their opinions on a game they have just controlled should be passed onto the media soon after full time by an official from the ruling body, the Professional Game Of Match Officals Board. The respect for officials can only grow from hearing their explainations on decision making.

I would love to see referees occasionally admit to making mistakes but you can understand why they might be reluctant to do so given the way they are vilified while their positive performances are hardly mentioned.

It’s true they have a tough and largely thankless job.

But I have shit better things than Jon Moss.

You say this, but I remember a certain football club playing Ali Dia in a premier league game. I have shit better things than him! I to this day know I was a better footballer than him at the time!

Mike Dean looks like Jasper Carrott’s lovechild. If he is Jasper’s kid, explains much of his comedic refereeing.