WBA v Saints ... debagging the Throstles!

Ted’s had me up all night watching movies, it’s very late but no work tomorrow so I’m very drunk … perfect time to start a thread !! I’m very confident about the weekend and have no fear taking the baton from @btripz

So anyway, I reckon West Brom have been punching above their weight all season and are due a reality check. We’re loads better than them, better than any albions infact. They can be as organised as they like but with Tadic* and Redmonds silky skills, Bertrand and SeeSaws tearing into 'em down the flanks and now JWP’s scoring for fun, we will expose them for the chancers they are !!

A nervy 3-2 win for Saints :lou_lol:

COYR :innocent:

* if he’s not too tired after playing the full 9o on wednesday


I also think that Hoijberg was brought on the other night, to get some gametime and he will play in OR’s position on saturday … and I could see him being very good at it. Maybe Classie to start with Davis rested to the bench

I have a feeling Caceras will start with Stephens rotated out.

Will we miss OR?

I think we might but I’m with Steve on WBA 2:3 Saints


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1-2 to us a couple of penalties to even up the ones we never got against Palarse.

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4-0 Saints. Don’t think WBA have taken a tonking this season yet (maybe they have) and Long/JRod is bound to get one or two eventually - it’s nailed on guys!

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TMO has the Brummies winning 4-0 :lou_angry:

What team wouldn’t miss Romeu, the way he’s been playing this season ?

Obviously neither Hoijbjerg or Clasie aren’t going to be a straight ‘like for like’ replacement but tactically, it’s a position Claude knows very well, so I think he’ll find a balance.

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Don’t think he has unless 4-0 Saints means something different in the South China Seas :lou_lol:

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1-0 Saints, JWP peno in 94th minute. Swansea to beat west ham, again 94th minute peno winner (conceded by fonte if he’s playing obviously). Boro to beat burnley, likely own goal winner as both teams manage no shots on target. Leicester to beat Everton but vardy gets 18 month ban for kung fu kicking keoman in the nuts. Arsenal to beat palace monday (most likely for 94th minute peno winner).

I’d take that.

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With so many possibly out it could be a team with interesting possibilities (eek, turning into Claude). We tend to do well when forced into a number of changes so perhaps we will get a result.

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Now now SOGs, you can be so over excitable sometimes :lou_lol:

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We have good back up in midfield for Davis and OR with Hoyberg and claise. However I would like to see how Stephens could do in defensive midfield. This isnt based on any evidence he could do a job apart from his build and the fact he looks like Dyer from spurs. Against West Brom maybe isnt the best match considering we are chasing them but OR has been so good this season it would be good to have another bruser in the squad.

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I am sure i Read that West Brom 4-0 Saints :lou_lol:

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That’s a good point NYS, he was playing defensive midfield at Swindon and made the position his own. I think he was their player of the season twice on the bounce tho’ I might be wrong.

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Mark Lawrenson has us down to lose 2-1, so that is surely a good omen. I think we are pretty much nailed on to win now.


I like looking at that table thing they have of his predictions, and we’re fkn 18th with 4 wins all fkn season. His predictions are even more shite than his hair.


He irons his jeans too. Wanker.


IF we could win this, it would be massive in our quest to catch the baggies, lose it and it is not going to happen

draw 2-2.

I liked his tash, there used to be a game based on it… I will fish it out!

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Is Gabbiadini fit?