:pl: :watfordfc: Watford v Saints :saints:

:watfordfc: v :saints:

Going be a tough one this with :watfordfc: on a high after last week’s win…

  • Based on not seeing the cup performance, we are going to do to Watford what they did to Everton but win by 5 clear goals :lou_lol: © @ozsaintdave
  • Ranieri has got :watfordfc: firing on all cylinders, :saints: demoralised after their mid-week humping by :chelseafc: will go home with their tails firmly between their legs, :watfordfc: to win easily
  • :saints: good showing in mid-week has them energised and ready to dispatch :watfordfc:, :saints: to win
  • Score draw
  • @Cobham-Saint (bore) draw :slight_smile: (only because he always chooses this option)
  • @Polski_Filip wants a pint of whatever @OzSaintDave is smoking but still reckons :saints: will lose.

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Bases on not seeing the cup performance, we are going to do to Watford what they did to Everton but win by 5 clear goals :lou_lol:


When I get home from work tonight, I want a pint of whatever you are smoking!


It’s a little rolled up thing called Fun. He he


You guys expect Broja to stay in the team from now on?

Fixing your fantasy team??

The FPL has him down as 75% chance of playing due to an ankle injury

Yes. Well not sure fixing the the right term as I am top :slight_smile:, tweaking maybe.

Not interest in these idiots (no offense), especially about injuries. Was more interested in his performance? I coach kids football these days so have not been to a game at all this season. Was interested in how he looks in the flesh rather than on TV.

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He looks the real deal. Still raw obv.
He has pace, height and if you watch highlights a lot of goals from bursting into the box past defenders like last week.
I’d wait a day until after Ralph’s presser before buying him

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Poll added to the OP

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Bob, is there a reason why I can only see these match threads if I’m logged in? They’re not viewable at all if you’re just browsing the site.

Good question, I’ll see if I can see anything…

Try it now young man…the “Saints Fixtures” category was muted by default for all users, I think Bletch did this a while ago when he was adding news posts to the category so they wouldn’t flood the main board. It’s unmuted now.

Cheers Phil. Just heard Ralph say he is dead anyway so back to the drawing board.

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Not as fucked as last week Lawro watch.

Watford v Southampton

Watford’s big win at Goodison Park arguably had more to do with Everton’s late collapse than being a sign of how good the Hornets are but it was still a great result for them.

It’s very hard to know what to expect from Ranieri’s side next - good or bad - so I am going for somewhere in between. Southampton are draw specialists after all.

Lawro’s prediction: 1-1

Roger’s prediction: It is hard to make these predictions because there have been so many freak results and ups and downs for teams from week to week - Watford’s big win at Everton last week after their heavy defeat by Liverpool being a very good example. I have got a lot of time for Ranieri so I have got this one down as a high-scoring win for him. 3-2

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That works, thanks!

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Real dilemma at 15.00 Saturday. Watch the Watford game or the England/Australia T20 World Cup match.

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No dilemna. Steal a laptop watch both

Watford fan at work is a massive cunt.

Traditionally my desire for us to win a particular game is inversely proportional to actual events and I really really really really want us to win this one.

2-1 to the team followed by a cunt (that’s Watford just in case you were confused).


Don’t those one’s just grate at you!

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