Watford. Pre-match drowning of sorrows

Watford. Pre-match drowning of sorrows


Clearly its tough to get too up for this game. So I thought we should drink to forget how bad it was, in advance. Anyone?


It’s on Wednesday night isn’t it? Then I shall be drowing my sorrows whilst plying my trade in the local pool league!! Sorry


Drinking? on a school night is alright for some, but all papsweb fat Club Chubsters please note, its mineral water only.


I’m flying down from Manchester on the Wednesday and should be around for this.


Will be going to the game, but doubt I’ll be able to partake beforehand owing to working and travel time. Plus I’d want to get far too mashed to be able to drive, or else my likely sorrows would be insufficiently drowned. I’ll just have to suffer.


yeah, fuck the environment.


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I’m flying down from Manchester on the Wednesday and should be around for this.

yeah, fuck the environment.

Alas, I had to sell the private jet a while ago, Fatso. I believe that this is a scheduled flight that’ll leave with or without my custom.


Only the purest (fermented) mineral water for me. Maybe with some light hoppy flavouring. A sprinkling of barley perhaps. And a fucking massive burger.


Rockstone it is then. I can be there by 6pm, perhaps a little earlier, if that suits you fellow chubless papswebsters.


I could fib and say I’ll try for 6pm but 6.15pm is more realistic.


I should be able to make it in for then. My flight is out of Manc at half four, so if I am not there immediately, won’t be too long afterward.


Fuck… Just remembered am in Reading Wednesday and Thursday…work,… Should have planned it better as could make this one if tickets left? And I can sort out travel… Problem is getting back to reading after match… Must have a think…


I have a spare ticket. Upside it is good value. Downside it is next to me. Train is possible to make it to Reading, though it arrives after midnight. Your call GA!


That is so tempting Bucks, thank you- will look into travel as depends on what time I can get away from the office…


I am in Manchester Airport now. Don’t think I’ll be doing this flying lark for a home game again. Utter pisstakers charged me 180ukp after I missed my first flight. Let’s hope that things improve, eh?


Well that is utter bullshit. If there are spare seats on the next flight, you should complain. I cannot see why if you miss a flight you cannot get on the next one with your ticket, if it is not going to sell out. This sort of thing gets me… Where is that travel thread gone!!


pap should have been on time. If he’s late for the match tonight, he wouldn’t expect to get a discount on the next game. I’m totally with the airplane bros on this. I would’ve charged him double, I would’ve made him fucking walk to Southampton. Pisstaker.


Heading out now, should be at The Rockstone for quarter past.


At the pub now. Just inside the door. No Goatboy tonight?? :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Headed out for drinks after this as well. I took one of the international crew, entirely clad in chav type gear, to Firehouse, the rock club behind Above Bar. Don’t know what it’s like on normal match days, but on Wednesday night at least, it was pretty empty.

Stayed there late; my mate decided he wanted to pull the nicest girl in the bar - a task in which I thought he’d failed. Saw him yesterday and she’s added him as a Facebook friend. For my part, I got chatted up by a 22 year old for a bit until I made the usual excuses. Y’know; I’ve got a missus, a daughter two years younger than you, I am literally old enough to legally be your dad. That sort of thing.

I left feeling flattered and a little bit horrified. I don’t remember 22 year old girls being quite so forward when playing that market.