Watford Down Beers

Watford Down Beers


Watford visit this weekend. I shall be attending and wondered who else is up for beers?




I’m driving so will be there before and maybe for a swift one afterwards depending on the post match venue.




If this rain keeps up you might want to bring a boat.


I’ll be at the Rockstone and indeed the match. Will pick the correct level of water-proofing prior to my departure.


Ahem…a mate of mine recommends these…



Yes to the Rockstone (even though the Bookshop has the sole winning record this season GB :lou_smiley:).


I misread the title as watered down beers :lou_facepalm_2:


With a bit of rebranding they could wrap up the market.

I’ve seen these before and thought they could save valuable drinking time by not having to go for a slash - though tbf some work would be needed on volume absorption

I’d like a version for when you pass out but don’t want to piss the sofa or bed…


No good for me I’m afraid. Only industrial-strength rubber pants will do.


I’ll have one there on the way for luck :lou_wink_2:


Sun’s out! Hoorah!


As I’m driving where’s the best place to park near the Rockstone and will you be going there post match too?


South Western after. Fowllyd parks on horseshoe bridge/priory road and cuts through aldi carpark on foot.


I might pop along if it’s open to newbies.




Good stuff.


As long as the predicted electrical storm doesn’t arrive early, we will more than likely be sat outside.


Thanks. What time do you all rock up ?