Watford Down Beers

Watford visit this weekend. I shall be attending and wondered who else is up for beers?


I’m driving so will be there before and maybe for a swift one afterwards depending on the post match venue.


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If this rain keeps up you might want to bring a boat.

I’ll be at the Rockstone and indeed the match. Will pick the correct level of water-proofing prior to my departure.

Ahem…a mate of mine recommends these…



Yes to the Rockstone (even though the Bookshop has the sole winning record this season GB :lou_smiley:).

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I misread the title as watered down beers :lou_facepalm_2:

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With a bit of rebranding they could wrap up the market.

I’ve seen these before and thought they could save valuable drinking time by not having to go for a slash - though tbf some work would be needed on volume absorption

I’d like a version for when you pass out but don’t want to piss the sofa or bed…

No good for me I’m afraid. Only industrial-strength rubber pants will do.

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I’ll have one there on the way for luck :lou_wink_2:


Sun’s out! Hoorah!


As I’m driving where’s the best place to park near the Rockstone and will you be going there post match too?

South Western after. Fowllyd parks on horseshoe bridge/priory road and cuts through aldi carpark on foot.

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I might pop along if it’s open to newbies.



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Good stuff.

As long as the predicted electrical storm doesn’t arrive early, we will more than likely be sat outside.

Thanks. What time do you all rock up ?