⚽ 🍻 :watfordfc: Watford beers

Hi - after missing three games I’m back tomorrow. Where are we doing pre-match drinks now? Have we found new venues? Is anyone actually still going to games…?

I’d prefer the Stable, unless you’ve all been there recently

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We have been meeting at the Rockstone, but could always make it the Stable for a change. Will enable you to feed your favourite daughter too!

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True - although the Rockstone might be closer for her atm

I just can’t be arsed to walk to the Rockstone

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@Goatboy and @Saint-CD and I met in the Stable last time, but I would happy to head there again. Handy from the station too.


So here I am, at the Stable. Surprisingly early for me.

Very early! Be there in about 45.

Be there in 15-20

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