Watford Beers

I suggested the Bookshop Alehouse to Fowllyd last week but he thought SO5 might squinny like a massive baby so I am open to suggestions.

Anyone up for a few?

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Quite a few.

Don’t mind where. I will happily go with the flow(as long as the flow is alcoholic). So will the daughter, although i haven’t told her yet :lou_smiley:

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I must respectfully decline this invite as I am still sat in the middle of the South China Sea. With no parrafin budgies to “get me out of Here” until Monday at the earliest.

Bookshop it is then - see you all there

Damn reverse psychology…


…although I might change my mind

In common with a lot of craft beer shops there’s an infinite selection of ultra-sour citrussy IPAs and no decent best-bitter style beers

Not sure I can drink too many ciders