Watching the Brighton game in London

Watching the Brighton game in London


Long shot - anyone around tomorrow lunchtime in central or preferably north London fancy finding a pub to watch the game?

Otherwise I’ll be SO5-no mates

Yes, yes I know - I should be used to that…


Soz, have commandeered t’big telly - Mrs C_S and Teenage Mutant are both out.

I have beer.

I shall be asleep by 4pm.



I know - this is a rubbish site isn’t it? There’d be loads of London-based Saints on Steve web - I think the the owners/soviet should come up and buy me beers to keep me loyal. Finsbury Park at 1pm ok Bletch?


Don’t be mean Bletch. I suspect people are currently finalising transport plans and letting down others that they’d previously committed too. This all takes time.

Sorry SO5 for my friends rudeness.

I can’t make it btw. …


We are on our way to Camden market(i’ve been mugged into shopping again). If you happen to be in a pub near there, that sells food, i would welcome it.


Just climb the Shard and bring some binoculars


This one a possibility SoS?


Sounds good. Should get there around 1pm


Yup - me too

Great site this


As if SoS and So5 aren’t the same person.



Stuck on the bus SoS - should make kick-off

No doubt for a match like Brighton/Saints its heaving so save me a seat


Well there is one football fan here at least. Beers nice and lots of screens. Decent table awaits you.


Yes I’ll be there too. Look for a Carnation in the butt-hole and a copy of the Sunday Telegraph under my arm.

Whoops, I mean a Carnation in the button-hole. :lou_facepalm_2:


Thought i recognised you, until you moved the Carnation.