Wanyama - 2 match ban

Wanyama has apparently been given a 2 match ban due to his recent red being his second of the season. He will therefore miss the FA Cup game versus Palace and the home game v Watford.

He is of course sorry for his sending off :-

I would just like to apologise to the manager, fans and everyone at the club for my red card yesterday.

It was reckless and irresponsible and I should have used my experience to have not let it happen, especially when I was on a yellow card. "I now just want to focus on getting back on the pitch and helping the team as much as I can.

This worries me as Romeu is very much likely to get sent off too.

On that subject, it was a red card, he was an idiot.

BUT…how come Mikel didn’t even get a yellow card for his two assaults at the weekend?

Ditto the professional foul on Mane in the recent home game when the defender just stepped across and blocked his run - no yellow, the card was fucking invented for those sorts of challenge!

Yet Shane Long gets booked for placing the ball where the offence (non-offence) had been committed and not where the keeper had attempted to place it ten yards away.

And that ridiculous red card that cost Stoke at the weekend - where do they claim their point back as the card has been overturned?

There is no consistency, these yellows and reds are leaving some teams without players, and as we discovered last season, one game with Kevin Friend can cost you league places.

My mate turned to me in about the 70th minute, just after Wanyama had made another rash tackle in front of our box, and said “Koeman needs to sub him - he’s going to walk.” Didn’t take long for that to come true.

It also highlighted another frustrating aspect of recent: throwing subs on very late, when they have minimal chance of making an impact. The above was a clear-cut opportunity to get Mané onto the pitch earlier. Aside from a couple of surging runs, Norwich had barely troubled our defence.

Removing a defending player for an attacking one is ballsy but was necessary to positively attack for a 1-0 rather than limp to a 0-0 draw (or worse, lose to a solitary shot on target)

For my money, that (non-) decision was the turning point of the afternoon.

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