Wales up to 9th in FIFA world rankings

According to this artcile

Jumped up 12 places after they beat Belgium last month, England have moved up 1 place to 8th

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That should read Gareth Bale up to 9th in FIFA world rankings

Would not like to play Wales at the moment, they are on a roll for sure!

I prob say it every time, but I really want someone to ask Roy Hodgson about FIFA rankings in a press conference! He will be like, “Ranking is very important to me, and to all the players. We all want to have a good rank. This is probably the best rank I’ve had, in my time here, and it’s good that people are talking about it.”

It would be Hilarious!

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This is your first warning, Bear.

Some of our members may have speech impediments.

Have some considerwation.

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