Wages going up due to Brexit

Wages going up due to Brexit


Obvious this was going to happen, now for London and the bankers.


Looks like one of the main fears of the Remain campaign is coming to pass.


Its plainly obvious if people coming into work who’ll work for less go then wages will rightly rise.


Just what we need, a second Brexit thread.


Just what we need, pointless contributions from people who strangely don’t want to contribute.


Actually about the fifth or sixth.

Granted, the one in which people repeatedly denounce the laws of supply and demand is more popular :lou_facepalm_2:


I doubt I’ll see much benefit tbh. I know how it will go, the cost of Things will go up and I’ll have no more money at the end of the week. You’d think there would be less unemployment tho till things level off, that will be quite good i suppose.


Better get used to that Dad,


Does that mean if the RPI correspondingly goes up I get a pay increase too? :lou_lol:


Can I get upvotes here?


Probably. Say that Brexit is a unique symbolic situation that forgets the rules of supply and demand. Then watch the votes come in.



Others are prepared, trained, experienced OR willing enough to do the work.

End of the day if UK doesn’t have enough trained Nurses now many EU nationals are leaving it doesn’t matter what the salary is UNTIL the new ones get out of training.


Well if it is open season shall I post a new Brexit thread every day as no progress is being made?

Even if people disagree on stuff surely it’s better to keep it under one roof so the rest of the forum members don’t have to get bored to death with it?


Or it might tempt back to the profession those who have previously left




Off topic or whatever, but I’ve been hanging out with a lot of nurses and whatnot cos of my Situation, and I was surprised to observe what a good gig it is, I mean from an outsider working in construction. I had understood from media that it was a terrible, underpaid, thankless fkn game to get into.

I see a lot of upside though. The pay & benefits ain’t bad, you only have to work four days a week, you get moved up the pay scale every year even if ur not very good, if you ever want to earn any more it’s no problem you can just log onto an app on your phone and instantly secure overtime at even better rates. Think they call it “Bank” or something. It seems a pretty good gig!

If I had a child, and to be fair I pretty soon will, I would definitely advise them to get into nursing rather than i.e. retail or i.e. construction, if those were the options. It seems sad to me that Young People prob ain’t going into it cos of how it’s portrayed.


You could, and that might be interesting. Who says there has been no progress, BTW? Ze Germans?


But I thought you sold Whoppers after you constructed them?

Dont you want the cub to follow you in the family trade?

Although having a nurse in the family could be good to look after you in your dotage.




But we havent Brexited yet have we? Or am I missing something?