VVD to Scouseland for £75m per JW Telegraph

VVD to Scouseland for £75m per JW Telegraph


According to club mouthpiece Jeremy Wilson in the Torygraph - deal done at a WORLD RECORD 75 MILLION FUCKING POUNDS!!!

If I could drive I’d take him up myself for that - fare thee well you massive prick :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


Over 6 Shlongs would be a decent return.


If that is true woohoo! That would make up for his not staying until summer. The funny thing is even with van Dijk the Liverpool defence will still be pants.


Great fee but just wish it was City. Our show of defiance in the summer looks mighty feeble now.

Presumably the fee was higher but they’ve agreed to take Forster and Redmond as well?


Think the figure was 60m in the summer so we have made an extra 15m to fuck up the first half of our season.


I told you clappers this 2 days ago, other news is we signed Jason Dodd from Bath City…


Lets see how much of this £75 Million is spent on players.

This’ll see if as per I am bang on, one out for that amount, no excuses at all, we’re struggling, we sell our best player or one of them, who are we going to buy?

This’ll be fun.


We will need to sell to buy remember. Selling VVD frees up one squad place.

Anyone remember what the Celtic sell on percentage is?


around 10% mark apparently


soz *matt :lou_wink_2:


Stuart Armstrong from Celtic is great but that’ll mean another window shop and another player out, we need a centre back as the ones we have quite obviously aren’t performing under the manager, goalkeeper? Centre Forward?



Ha Ha lets see who we get and how many, Lemina out? Bertrand?


It will be interesting how Les performs over the next month. New boss and has not provided the results expected.

Nice bit of business but done under my/our terms. Will be invested in my amazing evolution of football its very self. Backing MP, sacking MP and upwards and we march around, nowhere in particular.’

I do think events over Jan will be guide to the future one way or the other.


Sadly we have had no offers for your services from The Reds, despite the opening of a special “Sotonian’s Fund Me Page”.

We’re hoping the opening of more rabid threads during The January Window will encourage our membership to dig deep and get you gone for the remainer of the season.


Now confirmed by Saints official twitter as a “world record fee for a defender” so fair to assume that £70>75m is correct


Bazza the club have ‘spoken’. Sfc themselves have confirmed an agreed deal with Liverpool.

Glad we didn’t follow up our complaint with the FA now about liverpool’s conduct. If they’d been banned from transfer activities as a result then…

We fucking showed the world !! Lol.


Don’t be like the others and least nail your colours to the mast and say what way, do you think they’ll give it to someone who’s likely to get the boot?


Good riddance to bad rubbish. He’s poison!


I’ve got to admit, this whole thing about spending before we buy is a bit of a slap in the face. I get the business argument but it doesn’t send out a particularly great message. It’s hard to remain emotionally invested in the club when you are continually reminded it is a business first and foremost.

Let’s just hope that Les buys some Manes rather than Redmonds.

How they go about it I have no idea but I’m pretty sure we need the following:

  • goalkeeper

  • centre back

  • attacking midfielder

  • target man centre forward

In reality I think we’ll only sign two players.

This is a fairly unique position for the club in so far as previously we have mainly recruited to replace decent outgoing players. However now we find ourselves in a position where we also need to replace underperforming players with no suitors who still have several years left on their contracts (Forster, Tadic, Redmond etc).

Unfortunately I just cannot see the club doing it. It goes against the moneyball mantra.

Interesting times ahead.