Virgil Watch

Amidst other more pressing footballing matters I thought it would be nice to chart week by week the progress of one of our “Old Boys”…especially the conspicuously gifted Virgil VanDick.

TBF I think he’s developed his game since he left us in the January window. He now does a lot more pointing, he’s cut out that imperious striding forward with the ball linking intelligently with mid-field and forwards and replaced it with the much more sensible, safe sideways pass. Timing of tackles, always a strong points but sadly last seen some time late 2016.

Anyone else like the way he’s begginnig to win over the Scouse doubters…he’s left his talents somewhere in Staplewood treatment rooms.

He is having a torrid time today. Missed a sitter from 4 yards out, being owned by Lukaku as is Lovren. And Mane is receiving some awful stick from the Liverpool faithful, some sample comments from them. “Mane with only 1,000 misplaced passes so far!” “Mane has been so poor today” “Mane much too wasteful all season, it’s costing us today”. Oh dear!

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