As we seem to have a few travellers on here, I’d like some advice.

KRGf & I have booked our first holiday in a couple of years, to Vietnam (duh). Has anyone been? Any must see’s? Things to avoid/not bother with? What should we eat etc etc.

All(ish) suggestions welcomed and appreciated.



Did two tours. 74’ & 75’ But I don’t want to talk about it…


That’s fair enough, @rust-cohle

After all, it’s was a bloody conflict in which 57,000 people died*

*Unless you count Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians. Then we’re at the 3.9 million mark.


Can this not turn into another bash American foreign policy thread? I’m not against that - but, I’d also like to know the best places to stuff my face/get pissed up/buy cheap suits/nice things to look at.

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@dubai_phil is yer man KRG :lou_wink_2:

I enjoyed playing with assault rifles in Cambodia and am pretty sure you can do that sort of thing in 'Nam too.


This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but the idea of playing with guns really doesn’t appeal to me. Each to their own though.


Thought you might say that :lou_wink_2:

Sure you’ll have a cracking time.


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Thanks bud


This is the best tour I have probably ever done in my life:

We were lucky and had an excellent guide who worked for the Americans but also fought for the Vietcong as well. He had some great stories and was a pretty funny guy. I would definitely recommend it if you have any interest in the War/history at all.


Cheers toke, much to ‘her’ annoyance that is entirely up my street.


Yes been twice live it to death. Have given our itinerary to lots of mates who followed it & loved it.

At airport now will post when home

Start Saigon Mekong Tour Hoi An Hue Caves Halong Bay Hanoi & Saps.

Don’t skimp as it’s cheap as chips anyway train trips overnight book whole cabin 4 beds trust me you don’t want to share with12 people & 20 goats

Will PM tomorrow


Totally agree. If you have time then DMZ & KEH SAN


I visited in 2002, so some of my advice might be out of date. A lot depends on how long you have as its a big country, about the same length as Italy. Sounds like you’re interested in the war, I’d recommend the tunnels Tokes mentioned plus the ones at Vinh Moc. The ones near Saigon were used by Viet Cong soldiers but the Vinh Moc ones were lived in by ordinary North Vietnamese and make an interesting contrast. The museums in Saigon and Hanoi are good on war related stuff too.

I enjoyed the Presidential Palace in Saigon, great example of '60’s luxury, but like a Bond villain lair. Hanoi is nice, good place to chill have a beer and watch the world go by. The water puppets are a good attraction there.Halong Bay is beautiful and well worth seeing.

I enjoyed the ruined Forbidden City in Hue but it’s pretty run down so not for everyone. Beaches at Nha Trang are good, but a lot of backpacker booze cruises which may or may not be your thing. Finally, a tour of the Mekong delta is interesting, you can see cottage industry sugar factories and other local village life.

Hope you have a good time!


Take cash if you want to fire some AK47s and M16s. The guns are free (well used to be), you just have to pay for the ammo. No matter how much of a liberal you are, even if you are in the anti-gun lobby, shooting an m16 at a melon in a former war zone is fun. Especially, if you have been watching Hamburger Hill and Full Metal Jacket on repeat for months. :slight_smile:


Do they still offer to take you to shoot cows for a bit extra?


There was a bar at the shooting range in Cambodia and hand grenades on offer for a small fee :lou_lol:


Went there way back in 1995, so I’d guess there’s been shedloads of change since then. I’d agree with Phil’s posting above though. Also, if you get the chance, take a trip out to the main Cao Dai temple, 50 or so miles from Saigon. Well worth a look.


I can 2nd this - very good.


Not when I was there, I heard that was Cambodia. I think it may be a bit of a Kentucky fried mouse thing though.


Thanks for the tips everyone. Much appreciated!

Now to pass on to her to get it sorted :lou_smiley: