Video of myself for a job application. Help!


I am applying for a position in a small business which is entirely non-tech. The owner wants applicants to send in five minute videos of themselves setting out why you have the right skills, why you would be a good fit etc.

Although this is not meant to be a test of video skills, some other candidates have added graphics, music etc. Safe to say I have never done this before.

A quick Google shows lots of applications out there (most for a cost). Which editing / graphics type tools are best for a beginner?

My video has to be uploaded to Vimeo and I have to finish it by Monday. Cheers!


What sort of job is it Bucks?

Bit odd that a non-tech job is going tech in the interview process don’t you think?

But of course I am very old & wouldn’t know a modem from a motherboard & I don’t even know what one of those would even be, or even if it was even tech related…


Pornhub webcam is not a proper job Bucks.


Good luck tho’


I use VideoPad, which seems to have the right balance of accessibility and power.


Its actually a Sports Agency business - i.e. they represent some footballers, among others.

So help me get it people and I can then persuade them not to let anyone at SMS seek a move :lou_wink:


If they represent Redmond and you promise to get him a transfer this Summer, I shall give you anything you need to get this job including buying the agency if I have to.


Not sure what they’d expect from your video but you could save yourself a lot of time and effort AND come across as the best candidate by sending this in


A free Sotonians corporate box perhaps - with decent pies and beer?

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Not sure about sending in Will Powers but I think if you send a bit of suspiciously Aryan homo erotic metal you cant go wrong

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This means they see you.

You’re screwed.


My advice? Ignore the camera and gimmicks and remember you are talking to a person.

Keep eye contact with the camera and do not say Um or Er

That always worked for me the zero times I’ve done video applications.

BUT rocked when I’ve done TV stuff


Ignore Phil Du Buy’s nonsense advice. Film yourself in bed. Make sure the sheets are unwashed for several months, stained yellow by sweat and leaked piss. Surround the bed with empty cheap lager tins, and multiple empty cheap takeaway trays. Finally, makes you have several large stollen pub ashtrays on the bed all over flowing.

Do not look at the camera, do not speak, just masturbate.

You can’t go wrong.

Ps - not helpful I know, but I am old school and do not think how you look should part of the initial selection process… nor should your video editing skills - avoid fluff and music and graphics. Just a clean take. Start by introducing yourself and then tell a smutty joke that includes the c bomb. … or naybe not


May be worth a look on Fiverr.

A cursory search for ‘video editing’ brings up a lot of results. It may be that you’re able to provide the raw video material and have somebody else do the heavy lifting - and at minimal cost.

At that sort of money I’d be tempted to task a couple of people with it to hedge bets on which will come out best.


Cake ashtrays? Cool


If you really want this job it’s probably worthwhile hiring a professional actor. Not everyone looks good on camera, I wouldn’t want to leave it to chance.