Very Bad Timing!

This came for my son yesterday morning, you know, that morning after the cup game. Perhaps they should have waited until after the weekend?

Perhaps they were that confident that we were going to beat Liverpool?

Do you have any incidents of bad timing? Jesus I am leave this open for some very dodgy posts… Try and keep it clean!

When did you want to receive this? Easter?


Liverpool received theirs on Wednesday evening. :lou_sad:

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The Mother in law dieing on the 23rd of December last year and lying in state in the living room, in an open coffin until we planted her on New Years Eve.

Did put the kibosh on the celebrations.

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I knew in true forum fashion, that someone would say this and you were one of the posters that were at the top! I nearly, but foolishly did not say ‘Apart from the Christmas part’.

I have to point out that we have a couple more games before the post cut off, surely you would look at the fixtures and think. Cup quarter final against Liverpool (we are shit at quarter finals) and then oh Villa home!

Did you not get one? :lou_sad:

Phil, I’ve up-voted that for the very amusing way in which you’ve told that story, and not for the fact that your mother-in-law died at such an inconvenient time.

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Cheers Halo

it was ok in the end we had one hell of a party New Years Eve and Christmas plus the celebration of the Mother in law’s life all rolled into one .

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It’s nice that they left the card blank for you. Fake Ralph’s and Kat’s signatures and send it to a mate as a wind-up.

I once worked with a fellow with some fairly odious personal habits that he had no compunction exhibiting in a workplace environment. He’d go on these weird diets, emerging from the kitchen area with a steaming pile of microwaved eggs and frankfurters, which always gave me the impression of a low budget alien from the days before CGI. He would also pick his nose, sometimes eat the fruit. He was prone to power-napping too, when he snored through lunchtime. On hot days, he could be close to a biohazard.

Now this guy was one rung senior to me, but that was it - and his behaviour was affecting the office. People were actually rearranging their monitors to block out sight lines. I took him aside, and had a blunt chat about his personal hygiene and habits, and how they might improve.

Two weeks later, the Head of Department announced he was doing the offs and bogey boy was my new boss. Nice one, pap.


says a lot that they promoted the snoring, smelling, bogey eating slouch over you, pap.