Currently with the lads in Utrecht.

First time I have been here for 20 years or so and it has certainly changed (for the good).

Arrived last night and went straight on the beers. Monday night and it was absolutely rocking. Awesome.

Started off with a barrel aged imperial stout called Tanker:

before finding a bar with this as their beer menu:

Like Amsterdam for adults.

My updates may be sporadic.


Half way down the 3rd column!! Reason for not going IMHO :lou_lol:

However the rest of the beers far outweigh that…

BTW is that the price or the ABV??


Sporadic is a great word, and not used often enough.

I’ve drunk 13 off that list, I like the sound of ‘Raging Bitch’ :lou_smiley:


Price! I plumped for the viven Porter at 9% :lou_wink_2:


I see they have leffe Tripel - that is proper good night juice


Lager or cider :lou_facepalm_2:


Still here:


Boo. No Goaters at Sunderland tonight.

Have a good time tho’ matey.


Will be watching it here if I can focus :lou_lol:


Have you taken the opportunity this week to stick your thumb in a dyke?