👍 👎 URGENT: Sotonians' Musical Chain Referendum

Your Forum Needs You!

Sotonians, we have an important and urgent decision to make about our future. Your vote matters and you deserve better because we stand for the many and not the few.


Discourse, the software we use to run the forum, cannot guarantee performance once topics reach greater than 10000 posts.

Our musical chain is perilously close to tripping this magic number. If it does then it will be automatically closed by Discourse.

We have a choice.

I can extend that number but we risk the fact that the forum starts to slow down. Or we can archive the current musical chain and start a new one.

Starting a new one does also allow me to shift the apostrophe over a bit in the title as it’s always given me a little heartburn.

We could, of course, defer to @lifeintheslowlane as it is his thread, but fuck him, this is nearly a democracy so you can each decide.

NOTE 1: The Discourse folks are really adamant that when posts get too big performance will suffer so there may be a point where we have to cut our losses.

NOTE 2: The @TheOwners and @moderators retain the right to ignore your voting intention on the basis that we believe we know what is best for you. Art imitating life.

  • Remain. The current topic should remain as is - and we sod the consequences.
  • Leave. We shut the old topic down and start to build a new, better topic.

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If the vote is close do we get to vote again?

You don’t want another vote. The membership doesn’t want another vote and I don’t want another vote.

So, yes. Absolutely, yes.


Fucking remainers, they’re all cunts every single one of him.


OK. Just foresaw a problem.

You sneaky Leave voters may try to prorogue this process by posting loads of stuff in the musical chain to hit 10,000 posts and thus force us to Leave without a vote.

We cannot afford to crash out of the musical chain without first agreeing a deal.

We will regret if for generations.


If we leave that will free up £3.50 a week for Sotonians pre-match drinks.


FUCK YOU…FUCK ALL YOU LILLY-LIVERED LEAVERS. Franky Howard and his little fishies are rolling in their graves.

It’s OK @lifeintheslowlane, I’ll be back in mo’ I’m just off to play some Facebook ads.

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You might stand more of a chance if you stick your 10000 posts on a big red bus


Wow this is going to be close.

When you consider that I represent a bloc of 20 votes, it’s currently a tie and as @lifeintheslowlane created the original thread, he will have the casting vote.

I’ll wait for a little longer to see if there is a swaying vote before announcing next steps.

Right now you have paid heres the vote as directed.

NB I reserve the right to change it any time I like if the other side pay more


Thank you Phil.

I was sure you’d all see the sense of keeping the old thread going and as I am always one to back “The Will of The People” I’m expecting peace and harmony to rein supreme again in “Pap Mansions”

I’ve just had a conversation with a very nice Russian gentleman called Mr Botfarmovic.

He’s agreed to buy me enough Punk IPA to get me hammered for a year.

Check the votes again.

Well I don’t think the will of the people can be concluded until @Barry-Sanchez has been released from Internet jail and is allowed to vote. His eloquence he must feel like Oscar Wilde who got shoved in Reading Gaol.

Free the Pap mansion 1 before closing the vote.

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He got you a pint then ?

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The Stasi have gone and put the padlock on the Music chain.

I went to the palace to visit Queen @pap and got permission to close the thread whilst our vote is taking place.

I bet he made you taste his cream

No, but he did frighten a little mouse under my stair.