💤 Unscheduled downtime

:zzz: Unscheduled downtime


Good spot @philippinesaint


Time was when our green and pleasant land was covered with diary farms; this reached its zenith during the 1980s, with the great Filofax boom (filo pastry mines also did very well in this period). But they’d been around for many centuries, well before Pepys founded his own famous farm in the 17th century.

Their decline has been put down to a variety of causes, from the great global date shortage that caused a massive hike in production costs to the over-production of holes for colanders that almost destroyed the whole void-making industry, leading in turn to a severe shortage of holes for FIlofax pages. But the true cause is simply progress; in this electronic age scarcely anyone (with the exception of my ever-loving wife) keeps a paper diary, so the single farm in Manchester produces sufficient for our national needs.

The farm’s location should be no surprise to anyone with the slightest knowledge of this branch of agriculture. Modern diary farming requires expertise in various fields, not least of which are the inability to pronounce ‘car’ as anything other than ‘kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’, and to hold the sincere belief that Oasis once made a record that wasn’t utter shit.

Anyway, the digging of a new trench for gold-lettering seeds (the only component of a diary that requires such deep planting) appears to have fucked up HostngUK’s diverse route, which appears not have been so diverse after all. Hmm.


Were you hiding from the Russian internet assassins?


Visa seems to be having trouble too


Keep up mate



It was the Russians above your post having Visa issues that caused all this


Fair enough. I didn’t look past this page :s


We’ve just experienced our first outage since the move to Discourse.

I believe we were victims of a network outage in the London data centre of our hosting parter DigitalOcean.

What does that mean?

Someone cut a cable and all the ones and zeroes spilled out on to the floor.

I THINK this is the incident. I’ll confirm once I know for sure.




What are you blathering on about?


He’s trying to pass the blame from the tech geeks to the honest manual worker.
Bloody elitist.


Fucking google are shutting us down!


There you go again…shooting from the hip…twat.

No warning…Google having a sabbatical??


@saintbletch gets his slaves to cut the crusts off his toast.

If they refuse, he ostentatiously does a shirt wash, carting all of his Lovecraftian top-wear through the house.

No one ever refuses twice.


It’s the Jews - too many Corbyn lovers on here for their liking




I would suggest that the other place are behind this: they certainly have motive. But then I remembered the average intellect over there, so they are more likely to be spray painting insults on a bus shelter


FYI, we have a :darkside: emoji now.


Apologies everyone - mea culpa.

Whilst enjoying a coffee in Costa, I decided to upgrade some of the forum software without being fully aware of the potential consequences.

If this had been an Apollo mission to the moon and you all astronauts, we’d all be burned-to-a-crisp-stardust by now.

But it isn’t and you aren’t, so there.

Back now.



This is a shame as I was unable to submit a stunning good 1 sentence only post on something other than Brexit which would have left the forum amazed…