Unregistered Schools

Unregistered Schools


in the news again, the metropolitan elite won’t do anything for fear of offense, toelrance isn’t acceptance.

Ban them and faith schools and in a generation or two we’ll be fully integrated. Ofsted wants to close them and yet we do nothing.


I trust you mean muslim faith schools Baz?


No, didn’t you see the BBC news on it?




Here you go Cob. Not sure what made Barry bring this up, but the article might give a clue.

Make all kids intergrate, i say. No separation by faith or wealth.


Cheers @saint-or-sinner - all becomes clear.

with you on the integration bit.


How about posting the link to what you want a debate about? May make it easier on everyone.




Are you agreeing with or accepting of segregation by religion?


Baz, can you read? SoS is not accepting segregation by faith (= religion right SoS?)


Your needing to ask in brackets is the reason I asked myself, he could be being sarcastic or flippant, wouldn’t be the first time. Anyway lets keep to the subject.


Yeah that’s about it Cob. I don’t have a big issue with one’s that take at least 50% on a non religious criteria. I spent my whole schooling in supposed Catholic schools(70%+ non Catholic. 99%+ non practicing), even had a nun as a teacher, but no one ever mentioned religion apart from at Christmas and Easter(probably a couple more, i can’t remember, no chocolate or presents involved). I don’t see this kind of school as segregating, but will accept the argument that they guarantee a disproportionate % to a single religious background if they want, so it can be dangerous.

Barry, are you agreeing with, or accepting of segregation by wealth? Is segregation entirely wrong, or is some segregation ok for you?


Barry, the words “No separation by faith or wealth” are quite clear, don’t you think?


I totally agree, faith schools should be done under the trades description act for a start, religion should be seen as a leisue pursuit and done in the spare time.


Leisure pursuit. I like that.

Not sure the religious will, but the wealthy won’t mind(unless it interferes with tax avoidance). What do you think?

No separation by faith or wealth and no school charitable status, unless all schools have the same . You agree?


How about a radical idea?

Segregate schools based on ability? Then target the education to their ability.

No religion no wealth just ability.

Nah that would never work. No evidence to show that system empowered anyone…


Schools, or in school Phil?

I can definitely go along with the second, but the first just promotes elitist feelings for those going to the smarter school, whilst the latter makes all abilities mix(not in the classroom admittedly).


The poor hygiene photo reminds of a kitchen in a shared house I lived in during my student days in Brizzel.




Personally, I am waiting to hear what the Chinese have to say.