🇮🇪 United Ireland

So this is a big one that we’ve not covered in any depth before.

As the UK confirms that border checks will be needed for some goods entering NI, it seems that the much disputed province is already operating in a different regulatory environment.

Sinn Fein may not be in government in the South, but neither is it going to be long before they are, with a vengeance. This stitch-up job by Fianna Fail and Fine Gael is going to backfire in the long term.

It’s going to be an issue within the next decade. What do Sotonians think of this?

Should Ireland be a united country?:-

  • Yes
  • No.
  • Don’t know

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To unite Ireland you should have two separate referendums 1 in the south and 1 in the north. with any No vote from either side prevailing over the result.

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Too soon.
Not for the thread but for Unification.
The last thing UK, Ireland & likely EU will want is a resumption of the Troubles.
It is still in too many memories

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Definitely borne out in the recent Irish elections. While Sinn Fein ended up with a great deal of the vote share, there were some that will just never vote for them. They also didn’t put up enough candidates. They got a huge part of the youth vote, and I suspect they’ll be the biggest party by some margin when the Irish inevitably go to the polls.

The other thing I would say is that we’re now 22 years after the Good Friday Agreement. I was privileged enough to see the province picking itself up after decades of tearing itself apart. Most people are just interested in things we take for granted, such as prosperity and stability.

I don’t necessarily disagree with what you say though. Despite the fact that it was the moderate parties of Northern Ireland that negotiated the peace process, the voters went for the more extreme parties because they thought those parties would fight hardest for their corner.

It probably is too soon, but it is probably inevitable.

Let the people decide

One day they may decide it is what they want,

However I would make sure the % required is 60% plus so they can be no doubt. Unlike Brexit.

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I feel it would need a next generation and NEW political parties that are free from the historical associations good and bad. New dawn and all that. Problem is that for some, the political past was a great way of recruiting bored males with a hunger for expressing violence - which is how these organisations frequently recruit the foot soldiers /cannon fodder etc…


This might end up being the cost of Brexit, and let’s be honest. it’s a price that anyone but a Rangers fan would be willing to pay.

There is a legit case for Irish unification and I think as the practicalities of what living in a different regulatory environment are going to be felt. I also think people on both sides of the border are a lot less afraid of that prospect.

The North of Ireland has completely transformed in that it has a functioning economy and a legal framework to deal with disputes and a local Parliament to resolve some of them. This is coming from a place that had constant civil unrest, random sectarian murders and an employment culture where your job was your da’s job if you were a Protestant, next to nil if you were Catholic.

As a consequence, shitloads of Irish Catholics moved here to get work during the 1980s. A good deal of them have moved back. The progress made in the last 22 years has been remarkable considering point A.

I hope they sort it out and everyone feels represented in what is created. It would really do the UK no harm to have Unionists sympathetic to Britain involved in the political process of the whole island.

Tbh, they may see Boris’s clvsterfvck get worse, Charles take over as HRH & simply say fook dat we’re off

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Well that’s definitely a bullet we’ve mostly dodged so far.

I loved the fact that the heir to the fucking throne was asking the peasants to go pick fruit. Fucking hell, is this serfdom again? :smiley:

Let’s face it, after the Queen’s mostly exemplary performance, it’s not going to look good, is it?

The Irish might not be the only people telling him to fuck off, although Netflix will be keen for more seasons.


The Nationalists would like to make out its as simple as a yes/no vote, its far from that and makes us leaving the EU easy.
Internal security
Dublin couldn’t pay for that and the UK certainly wouldn’t provide the shortfall for it either.
There’s also more Nationalists who’d vote for the status quo in the North than Unionists who’d vote for integration mainly on financial grounds.
It will happen but it won’t happen soon and it will be padded softly WITH Unionist consent by and large as there’ll be in a effect an ongoing civil war, the right for people to choose their identity and nationality will have to remain for 2 generations from a certain date and also the right to apply for said nationality.
It won’t be Sinn Fein who do this it’ll be the people of both sides when they’re ready, they’re not at the moment.

Bollocks, its a state thats totally subsidised by the UK and the Republic, where do you get your shit from?
If I recall the EU subsidy was less than the Northern Irish one to keep the place going.

When I said “functioning economy”, I was talking about the big things. Like not being murdered if you’re a taxi driver just for being a taxi driver on a certain side.

Also think your comments about there being a civil war in effect are a load of turd.

Maybe you should explain that, as for a civil war, there would be every prospect of it if this was handled wrong, 800,000-900,000 in a United Ireland would feel they’re in the wrong Country, of course there would be insurrection.
Ready for peace, prepared for war.