Under Armour - supporting big game hunting

Ripples of discontent emerging yesterday when it was discovered that our kit manufacturers, Under Armour, both sponsor trophy hunting events (we’re not talking the FA Cup here) and sell hunting gear: @uahunt.

(Heads-up: there’s a few reasonably graphic pictures on that Twitter profile, and plenty of others showing tossers stood over beautiful animals).

Personally I’m conflicted. It’s sub-optimal in that I’d rather Saints not be associated with it in any capacity. At the same time it’s not like we’re being bombarded with advertising for their hunting gear on matchdays. And I have no idea whether the hunting division is even part of the main company. Might be wise to do a little research before kicking off…

Anyway, it seems like a bandwagon that’s likely to pick up momentum, so I thought I’d ask for the opinion of the Sotonians hive mind.

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Doing a bit more digging. I think ‘sub-optimal’ was the correct turn of phrase:

Yes, they dropped support of her. But that shit sticks. Hmm.

Not a fan of hunting but there is a long tradition of hunting in North America. The shooting season has recently opened here and the local is full of guys in tweed and plus fours telling stories about how they bagged a number of pheasants (poor buggers fly so low and so slowly they have a better chance of surving if they cross a busy road). I’d be more impressed if they shot them with a bow and arrow as that would be more of a contest. It really isnt that hard to shoot a pheasant with a shotgun cartridge. Anyway, I digress. The club must be cool with it and I would say to anyway who isnt happy, dont buy the relica shirts or any Under Armour products.

Being purely speculative (as it’s Sunday morning and can’t be bothered to back up what I’m saying with facts that will take time to look up), I think you would be hard pushed to find a large sportswear manufacturer that hasn’t had at least one toe dipped in something morally questionable *cough* cheap labour sweat shops in 3rd world countries *cough*.

I decided not to mention any names of these large companies due to my afore mentioned lack of research and not wanting to get done for libel, as I know the big ones monitor this site for advertising opportunities.

Originally posted by @Sadoldgit

I would say to anyway who isnt happy, dont buy the relica shirts or any Under Armour products.

Probably the most balanced way to look at it. And as such I’d say that there’s no harm in raising awareness so that the buying public are able to make that choice. As noted above, there’s probably not many (if any) sportswear companies with completely clear consciences.

I had a FB “friend” from the US who occasionally post pictures of beautiful deer he or his son has shot with a bow and arrow. Rather than get involved in a FB shit-fest I’ve “unfriended” him. Beggers the question, how many wounded deer crawl off into the woods to die in agony for every clean shot with a bow and arrow. :lou_angry:


Under Armour was producing hunting paraphernalia long before they were peddling footie kits. guess the club are comfortable with it or if not, didn’t do their due diligence.

At least we’re not sponsored by Nike.


I’ve never been impressed by anyone who bags a pheasant.

There are parts of Hampshire where you could stick six live ones in your car, they wander up and say hello - they are feathered idiots.



I married a girl from the black country. It’s no big feat.

The big feet are a clue, as is the adam’s apple.

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Cheers Ant - was going to get my kids the replica shirts for Xmas but won’t now. Massively against trophy hunting in whatever form it takes. Inadequate fucktards like Walter Palmer deserve the support of noone.

Just So we are clear they still very much condone hunting

“The method used to harvest this animal was reckless and we do not condone it,” an Under Armour spokesperson told Business Insider. " Under Armour is dedicated to the hunting community and supports hunting that is conducted in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and hunting practices that ensure a responsible and safe harvest of the animal."

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It is the phrase “harvesting” that gets me.

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Me too…it’s hardly a survival method to keep your family fed.

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Originally posted by @Rallyboy

There are parts of Hampshire where you could stick six live ones in your car, they wander up and say hello - they are feathered idiots.

Not that stupid…lots of the ones around here can read signs. During the shooting season Baddesley Common is inundated with them…it’s a nature reserve run by the Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust. :lou_lol:

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I’m massively against trophy hunting - I think it’s pathetic to take pleasure in killing an animal just so you can hang it’s head on your wall or have a photo of you stood over its carcass.

I hate fox hunting because 9 times out of 10 the fox is run to exhaustion and then ripped to shreds by a pack of hounds. Regardless of whether they’re vermin or not, there are better ways to deal with it.

I’m not so strongly against other forms of hunting for food and/or for culling purposes generally (although it’s not my cup of tea) as long as the kill is made quickly and humanely (pref with a gun and not a bow-and-fucking-arrow).

I’ve never heard anyone make what I’d consider a valid argument for things like fox hunting - ‘tradition’ isn’t a valid argument imho.

Fox hunting is one of the least efficient ways to keep fox numbers in check. It basically is just a jolly. You see more dead foxes by the side of the road than are ever caught in a hunt. Bear baiting used to be a tradition but that was eventually banned. It took years to ban what to right thinking people should have been banned many years ago yet some twats are still trying to bring it back. Grrrr.

James Hetfield was under fire in the weeks leading up to Glastonbury over his hunting activities. This video was played on the screens before they came on. Wasn’t shown on the BBC coverage.

You bunch of miserable bastards!! If Tarquin and Tamara want to get on daddy’s horses and chase down a fox with their well behaved dogs then who are you to deny it.

It is their land after all and you oiks should be more concerned with your own measley existence.

BT is right, and if a few family cats get shredded and the odd peasant’s garden trashed, that is just part of the tradition!

Now, who has a small child who would like blood smeared on their face?

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