Under 21's V Norwich at Staplewood Live Stream

JWP, Targett, Gardos and Reed all playing.

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JWP pen puts Saints ahead. Sam Gallagher fouled.

2-0. Good finish from Gallagher. 4 goals in his last 4 games.

HT. A couple of good saves from the Norwich keeper. Saints could be out of sight by now.

Very impressed withh the Under 18’s captain Olufela Olomola.

Norwich have a strong 2nd half and level up at 2-2 only for the excellent Josh Sims to win it for Saints in the 2nd minute of injury time. Norwich hit the post and Saints had a goal disallowed after the Sims goal!


Good My boss is a Norwich supporter so will be able to wind him up now

Gardos played around 60 minutes and looked pretty good.

I would like to see Sims, Hesketh and Gallagher kick on next season.

Nice one, cheers for the updates Goat. I like to follow the U21’s, but running low on data for the month already, so need to chill on my excessive video content consumption* for a few weeks.

*(Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies). :lou_wink_2: