Ultra High Definition (4K)


Invested in a 4K set the other day. There isn’t a great deal of content available for these screens yet; my purchase was largely driven by the PC I bought before Christmas. Oddly enough, it’s mostly streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and YouTube that really offer it. Where it’s available though, wow. Exterior scenes just pop; Sense8 on Netflix is a superb example of 4K, what with the globe-hopping and all.

Anyone else taken a look at 4K yet?


Getting one soon, the content has put me off and also the space, I decided in the lounge (not that I’m ever in there) that the tv would be on a cabinet as opposed to wall mounted, the issue with this is size as 55-65" will take up an awful lot of corner and could make the lounge look wonky, content is the thing and they are using 8k in Japan now, we are way behind, shitty Sky is still 1080i.


yeah I got one one the black monday where everyone was smashing each other’s face in. It is pretty good but like all TVs and cars, after a while is just becomes what you are used to and the norm.


Are 4k sets only 55" or above then? Need to sit a mile away to justify that


Nope. I’ve got a 43". Cost just £360.


I’m not convince that with my shite eyesight i will be able to tell the difference.

Our current TV has 3d capability (not the reason for purchase) and 3d has been a big damp squib - will 4k be the same?

In my mind the improvement has to be large enough to justify the cost eg lp to cd

Is 4k that much better that HD?


I won’t be satisfied until I can see the boogers up Joe Hart’s nose, and the fine, aureolel hair sprouting from Rachel Riley’s nips.

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I got a 44" for £350.


I didn’t pay anything for my 9 incher

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit. :lou_sad:


How many hdmi’s on that? What is inside it?


There are tiny little people inside it Bazza, just like all other tv sets.

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Originally posted by @Barry-Sanchez

How many hdmi’s on that?


What is inside it?

Electronic components. Sheep. Unresolved mysteries.


Ha ha do you remember that time we laughed about the components of a TV, crazy days crazy days…


I did. Goatboy is right, though. Tiny people.

I always suspected it.