UEFA Nations League - WTAF?

UEFA Nations League - WTAF?


Saw this on my twitter feed this morning and it piqued my interest, slightly



Apparently this explains how it all works but it really doesn’t make it any clearer to me.

So it seems it takes place alongside Euro and World Cup qualification, during the “friendly” dates but it is still clear as mud to me.


Interesting as they say this will mean less pointless friendlies so , nmmight be a good thing?


Friendlies have been a joke for some time. Back in the 70s they were played as full bloodied as a competitive match and there was no mass changing of players in the second half. Now they are a waste of time. Anything that improves the quality of an international match has to be a good thing.


Is there something in this to beat the fifa rankings? I recall that friendlies are only worth 50% of the Fifa ranking points - thus there wasa situation recently where it was more beneficial ranking points wise for England not to turn up to a friendly rather than play it and win.

This competion would mean that full ranking points are awarded

The downside is that it will limit the number of subs a manager can make so that he doesnt get to see the newer players so much


Yeah, I think it’s basically an attempt to overhaul the rankings system, so that teams don’t play pointless friendlies against awful opposition in an attempt to beef up their ranking. It’s like a ‘friendly tournament’ I think, with the aim of making friendlies worthwhile in terms of rankings and in terms of competitiveness. I think. Where’s MLG…


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Complicated much?