:uefa_nations_league:⚽ UEFA Nations League 2022

the pertinent fixtures for the Home nations are :-

Wednesday, 1 June
Poland v Wales (17:00)

Thursday, 2 June
Northern Ireland v Greece (19:45)

Saturday, 4 June
Hungary v England (17:00)
Armenia v Republic of Ireland (14:00)

Sunday, 5 June
Cyprus v Northern Ireland (17:00)

Tuesday, 7 June
Germany v England (19:45)

Wednesday, 8 June
Wales v Netherlands (19:45)
Republic of Ireland v Ukraine (19:45)
Scotland v Armenia (19:45)

Thursday, 9 June
Kosovo v Northern Ireland (19:45)

Saturday, 11 June
England v Italy (19:45)
Wales v Belgium (19:45)
Republic of Ireland v Scotland (17:00)

Sunday, 12 June
Northern Ireland v Cyprus (14:00)

Tuesday, 14 June
England v Hungary (19:45)
Armenia v Scotland (17:00)
Ukraine v Republic of Ireland (19:45)


I refuse to pay Premier Sport 1 cent to watch any of those.

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Channel 4 has the England games, Wales is on S4C. Not sure about the jocks, but I imagine it’ll be on one of the Scottish channels.


3am alarm for a 430am airport transfer.
So screwed any chance of watching the Jocks tonight. Last transfer is at 2040 tomorrow with a 130am start for more transfers so bolloxed for Georgia v Gibraltar tomorrow

Just started watching the taff game. Keep the sound off FFS, the commentary is in Welsh.:rage: Or he’s pissed as a fart and spitting while he slurs. :rage::rage:

Does Bednarek play better in Welsh?


…for all I know it could be a Polish commentary.

Wales just scored, one nil.

Didn’t realise it was on. Switched over just before the shot.

C’mon Pwyl.

The foreign commentary lends this the ambience of a dodgy stream from Bein Sports. I keep expecting it to freeze or buffer :smile::smile::smile:

They just zoomed in on him. He’s had his fucking hair done! The pudding basin clip has gone!! :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::joy::joy:

Poland now ahead. 2-1.

Pwyl 2 Cymru 1.

Never let it be said that I pass up an idea for a gag…

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Armenia beating Ireland 1-0

So, Engerland v Hugary on C4.

Watch or not to watch :thinking:

Watching footie, listening to TMS.

Definition of insanity that

No it’s called “damned if you do/damned if you do”