I admit to being a bit partial to Twitter though have no desire to up my followers or give a shite about who is popular on there.

Interesting take here though:

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Metrics are the new world order though GB.

I spent a couple of hours this morning having that shit explained to me Metrics = Money.

Next week I will learn how to make Pap and us into millionaires with our ICO

And there I was thinking I was being trendy imagining that the new world order was about Digital Content.

:lou_facepalm_2: Schmuck

But blimey, a Twitter feed where you only see posts and not the who else has your same warped sense of humour. Blimey


This from the article sums it up very well. “Insecurity compels engagement”.

Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and all the rest were deliberately setup for the purposes of addicting their users.

@pap has done it here(if you look at the leader board you are an addict).


lol - who looks at the leaderboard? If you care about pap points and badges, you should be put on a register somewhere.


You looked first, didn’t you?


Every morning.


I can’t be bothered to read that all. It’s more than 280 characters.


What else is there to look at? You’re not telling me there’s content worth reading a well?


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Once you’re on this register, is there a way to get to the top of it?



If you didn’t have numbers, every other tweet would be “this”, like some archaic football forum.

Personally, I think I preferred the days when people needed beards to operate computers, something that probably wouldn’t disqualify too many people from operating one these days.

Seeing hordes of so-called normal people hove into view wasn’t exactly pleasant for us geeky types. It has always invoked a mental image of hillbillies with pitchforks and torches for me.

Stats aren’t the worst feature of Twitter. Blocking is probably up there, along with lists.

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Like downvotes. Who the fuck does that?

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People that should _never _give up the day job to pursue a life as a comedian.

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@pap & @tokyo-saint

Posts of the day there fellas lol


Seriously made me chuckle!

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I disagree Pap… Some people should just give up.



Tokes. You’re like a secret eunuch having a go at a button-cock.

You pretend you’ve got something, that it’s better than the one-incher you’re laughing at, but in reality, you’re just a cockless moron at an infinite disadvantage. You can’t even do being a wanker right.

Now let’s see your fucking memes, vids and articles, @tokyo-saint


Blimey… It’s the Beast from the North.

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