Twelve good men and true have played

Twelve good men and true have played


…for both United and Saints since the second world war*.

Can you name them?

@so5-4bw will be giving away prizes for those scoring more than 8 correct answers (without referring to the Echo article).

*According to The Echo.


Mark Hughes

Danny Wallace


Luke Shaw

Joe Jordan


That’s all I’ve got without cheating


Now I’ve cheated, there were 3 more I probably should’ve got and 3 I’d never have got.


Billy Sharp

Alan Shearer

Jose Fonte

Luke Shaw

Morgan Schneiderlin

Dean Hammond

David Prutton

Jack Cork

Fraser Fourstar

Danny Higgingbotham

Michail Antonio

Nigel Quashie

Oliver Bernard

How many’s that? Easy.


Kasey Keller. That’s a good one. Only just thought of that. Don’t reckon many people will get him.


I think it was lee and not Oliver bear.


Just checked. Both of them did actually. Good spot tokyos, another one for The List


OK, I guess that’s Manchester United, @bearsy .


stop moving the goalposts


Pah, I can only think of 5


Thingemybob…the full back…that’s another one nobody’s got.


Thingemybob was Francis Burns…left back. :lou_lol:


The great Ron Davies, surely?


Didn’t Jim McCalliog play for Man Utd at some point? Before we signed him? Really not certain about that one, though.


He must be the only player we have signed direct from Man U? In recent times anyway? Oh hang on… there was a more recent failure?


I think Alex Ferguson managed both of us but I might be wrong. Did he manage them? Or am I confusing him with another drunk Scottish guy.


Big Burley sort of chap, @tokyo-saint

Carried an old satchel with him wherever he went if memory serves.


Paul Sturrock didn’t manage Man U dumb beltch!


Fonte’s Head, Bank Account and Ego nearly made it there :lou_facepalm_2: