TV's love affair with Liverpool

Liverpool’s game against Middlesbrough is to be televised this weekend, this would mean that 29 of Liverpool’s 38 PL matches this season have been shown live on Sky or BT!

To be honest I find that quite a remarkable fact, why do the media love Liverpool and Klopp so much?


Tell me - if the bin dippers come 4th and United win the Europa Cup, do the scousers lose their CL spot?

No, unfortunately not, although there will be one UEL place less as the EPL can only have 7 clubs in European competitions!

So whoever finishes 5th get’s a UEL spot (probably Arsenal) and 7th will get the other sport (Everton).


Ah but on the positive side, Everton will get bogged down with European fixtures if they get past the pre season qualifiers, hopefully with lots of trips to Russia and the Ukraine